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Asus A7V266DDR + Asus V8200 GEFORCE 3 + SB Platinum HELP ADVICE PLEASE

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Aug 28, 2001
Hi All , Any advice would be highly appreciated ;)
I want to be able to watch DVDs on my Pro Logic T.V
I have in my System :
Asus A7V-266-DDR Motherboard 512 crucial DDR 1.4Ghz
Toshiba 16 X DVD 48 X CD
Asus V8200 GEFORCE 3 DELUXE Loads of input output on back
Soundblaster live 5.1 Platinum

Toshiba prologic widescreen T.V

The distance from my computer to my T.V is 30 feet

Can someone please post the easiest and best way to get the picture and sound to the tv from my computer , One cable would be nice but not possible i dont think , and how can i put sound into my T.V anyway . Any one help ? Please post
P.S I have also a digital box and nicam video conected to T.V
Thanks :rolleyes:
if the card has TV-Out (probably super vhs) on it then the cable simply goes OUT from the computer and IN the tv

the sound card is the same way....only you could just leave it as it is and play through your computer speakers (or use the digital out plug if you have dig speakers for your tv)
Since you are going 30ft, I would take a look at some Monster Cables to use. Those cables are expensive, so you will have to judge just how good you want that sound and picture to be.

I am using the cheap cables at home right now and I get a very annoying hum in my audio and some crazy colors on my tv when I used to watch DVD's from my pc to tv. (I bought a stand alone DVD :D ). I get those annoyances mainly because of what the cables have to go through to get from my pc to my stereo or tv. You know the electrical outlet Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation had? Well, mine is not that bad... getting there though.

"She's a beaut Clark!"

I love that movie! :p
Maybe you have an HDTV which would be good, but Dolby Pro Logic(DPL) has nothing to do with your TV it is an audio format that uses 4 channels of sound, front left and right, center and matrixed surround(each channel gets the same info).

You may have a DPL receiver hooked to your TV which you could connect your sound card to to get DPL sound from your DVD player. Just make sure in the discs menu you select DD2.0 and not DD5.1 playback.

You will not experience all that DVD can do unless you get a Dolby Digital(DD) receiver and hook it up via digtal output from your sound card to your receiver.

DD is a 5.1 channel surround sound, front left and right, center, discrete surround(each channel gets different info) and a .1 LFE channel for a subwoofer.

DD is much better than DPL for sound so if you can go that route do it.

As far as the video goes I am not too familiar with the computer video section and what it can do.

The best hookup would be to hook the VGA output right to your TV. You have a widescreen which is probably fairly new so you may have this option.

Other than that maybe a VGA to Component breakout cable if they exist? As I said I am new to the computer video scene:)

I know I have an S-Video output on my card so if the other two aren't options, just use the s-video output on the card and hook it to the s-video input on you set and you are ready to go.