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asus a8n sli-div7

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Dec 21, 2011
Don't know if i will fine the time to post a score for the comp but looking for volt mods for this board theirs nothing that i could find that would go over 1.68 ahh there is one that says it would go to 1.85 but not happening- to get 1.85+ volts
remove cap..
then add 5 volts( still untested by me but should be golden)

oh and for chipset 2k vr or two 1k vr no need to start a 1.7v with a 1k vr

goal is to post back before the weekend on the volt mods- only going to have one day to bench for the comp:(
Nice Q_F hope it works. what do you mean by not happening/ Didn't work?
the controller is set to k-8 voltage mode- max volts is 1.55 so 1.6+ before OVP kicks in

there's 12v going to to VID5 so by removing that cap.. and adding 5 volts to VID5 the controller should be running in VRM9 mode now which allows up to 1.85 volts
Ran into a snag the capacitor I remove was for vdroop but that ant the snag, they tie in the 12v that sets the voltage mode to what powers the controller so looks like I need to cut the trace to the VID5 pin and then add 5v to it- if I could see the trace form the capacitor that I remove to the resistor next to it I could just cut that but doesn't matter how many pic's I take just can't see it - will up date on which path I take
Man you have patience. One of these days when I have some time I might have to pick that brain of your.
got it figured out will post mod later-Wow I butchered this board still need FB MOD for another .05v-sorry for the bad pic :)

hears another pic 1.8-2.jpg
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not looking good- right now running dry ice and 91% alcohol chip needs more cold so far 3160+ mhz only chip I got hopefully I'll find out where it cold bugs tomorrow but it don't look like i'll be posting anything :(

My 7950 gt looks good,think I still got more in it don't know why I maxing out at 850 on the core with rivatuner :-/

this chip needs ln2 no cb\cbb with full pot of DICE -but no time to fine the right drivers this is the best I could do with 8 lbs of dice

Next time bud, i didn't do so well in the last round either. Just not time right now. Should be good going forward though. Wife's surgery went well, now just recovery.
Second place? with what you got on your plate good job :clap: My best wishes goes out to your wife and make sure my family will pray for a quick recovery
Thanks Mike, all's good here. I'm actually working on the steamroller GB multi for the team cup right now. Letting off some gas ha ha.