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ASUS A8N-SLI :: Work Arounds:Expensive Bugs:Tweaking:Info

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Im using 1101 I belive and if i go to the new bios what chip set do i need to dl first. The last time i tried to change to the 665 from the 653 i got big problems so what order do i need to do this and how can i with out crashing my system.
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swindelljd said:
OC-Master, did you check the max cpu voltage on any of these newer BIOSes? Does it still seem restricted?


Because my motherboard is volt modded, I am unable to test this result from the new bioses that are coming out. My voltage is always stuck at 1.68v no matter what selection I make in the bios.

Bah- something wrong with the rice in Taiwan.

Have A8N-SLI that shipped with 1011. Corrupted that with crazy memory timings, and had to get another chip (nothing to flash with). Had it programmed with 1012. Hotflashed my corrupted chip w/ 1012. Sandra memory benchmarks royally sucked with 1012, so I put on 1013-002. Benchmarks better, *and* the HTT setting was correct. Great. Loaded 1013-004. Memory benchmark took slight hit, and HTT bug back. Argh. Box is for someone else... I don't have time for this... why can't they just come up with a decent BIOS for this board?

Wish it were possible to get more Vcore with BIOS settings- I think this San Diego would go faster. Can clock it to just under 2900Mhz... but then it gets flaky after that. 260x11x4 is about all it can do reliably. I'd bet a bump in Vcore would let it go 2.9Ghz+ pretty easy. And wow does the stock cooler suck with an overclocked chip. The memory I have is definitely not 1T CR material, so I think I've got some fairly decent numbers going... would be nice to see a decent bios come out.
I have this processor coming my way: AMD Athlon 64 4000+ rev. E4 (San Diego core), as seen here:


I plan to purchase a motherboard from Asus, and this one seemed very interesting because of the fanless design, Asus A8N-SLI Premium:


The Asus website says that it supports several different processors, but doesn't specifically says that the one I mentioned (AMD Athlon 64 4000+ rev. E4, San Diego core) is supported.

The list of supported processors for the motherboard is here:

http://support.asus.com/cpusupport/cpusupport.aspx?SLanguage=en-us&model=A8N-SLI Premium

As you can see, they mention the FX processors and even newer ones, like dual-core processors, but not the one I mentioned.

HOWEVER, I have read somewhere that this processor is similar/nearly the same as the former FX-53/FX 55, which means it would work on this motherboard.

It also seems strange to me that the motherboard with work with newer processors and not this one.

I e-mailed ASUS but I don't really expect a realible answer anytime soon, so if anyone can tell me whether or not this motherboard + this processor work together, please do so.
Was trying to overclock using 1013 with very small luck... The VCore on my 4400+ would not go further than 1.35V even if I was setting it to other values in the BIOS. Achieved 220Mhz HTT with that (2.4Ghz).

With BIOS 1015 the VCore lock is gone. I can go through 1.45V (no greater other values in the bios). But with that setting my CPU will not go higher than 230Mhz HTT. Anyway, it was just to state that the VCore lock is now higher with 1015 compared to 1013 on a X2 4400+.
I'm pretty bothered by this 1T vs 2T timing issue. I'm about to spend $300 on a watercooling rig so I want to make sure I'll see benefits from it. Does anyone know if I'll be suffering from the 2T limitation with the setup in my sig?

Note: 4 X 512 (all four slots populated) + A8N-SLI Deluxe
It is my understanding that 1T is only possible with 2 x 512 or 2 x 1024. When all 4 memory sockets are filled only 2T will work due to limitations in the memory controller. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken.
///M3 said:
It is my understanding that 1T is only possible with 2 x 512 or 2 x 1024. When all 4 memory sockets are filled only 2T will work due to limitations in the memory controller. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken.


This is not ASUS's issue but rather AMD's. Most people who have 4 sticks of ram know that running 1T is impossible unless you drop your frequency to 333MHz (166) or less.


If you want 2GB of ram and you are a serious overclocker, this is the best ram out there . Most people who own this stuff get it to 550MHz 2.5-4-4-8-2T with the A8N-SLI Deluxe or 1T with the DFI-SLI. I dont think any other ram gets you anywhere even near 550MHz with 2GB kits, correct me if I'm wrong.

Has anyone who is using the NVIDIA PATA or SATA drivers for XP-32 and been able to update to 6.65?

I want to update to BIOS 1015 in advance of buying an X2 but am concerned it will cause me to have to reinstall the OS to do so. Also I have a feeling I really have only one chance to get this right.

Currently my config is
2 x PATA (channel 0 master/channel 1 slave) on NVIDIA in RAID 1 for XP-32 OS
2 x SATA on NVIDIA in RAID 1 for data drives.

Aside from scaling back all my OC settings to defaults, any tips on how to proceed? FWIW, I have downloaded the ASUS makedisk to create a floppy with the NVIDIA drivers.


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