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Update to 665

I had no difficulty updating to Nvidia 665 and then upgrading bios. I did this a few bios ago. I did not have to reinstall XP or anything else.
what does someone with 1015 have to do to install windows? obviously cant install 665 before updating..
netlaw1 said:
I had no difficulty updating to Nvidia 665 and then upgrading bios. I did this a few bios ago. I did not have to reinstall XP or anything else.
netlaw1, thanks for the follow-up. I take it you have your OS running on the NVIDIA controller.

DarkDraco, I'd suggest downloading the 6.65 drivers disk and use it during the install and the immediately run the full 6.65 install immediately after the base OS is loaded.

Here is a link to the driver makedisk download: ( NVIDIA chipset drivers disk for Windows 2000, Windows XP/2003 32bit and Windows XP/2003 64bit.) http://dlsvr01.asus.com/pub/ASUS/misc/utils/nvidia/MakeDisk_V665.zip

[EDIT] 12/2/2005:
1) Updated to NVidia drivers 6.65
2) updated to BIOS 1015 (final). Used windows Asus Update v6.10.02. Restored my most recent OC settings

HTT = 315 @ 3x = 2.525 Ghz
Mult = 8x
VCore = 1.5375v (cpu-z reports 1.552v)
Memory = 3-3-3-8-1T @ 2.85V @ 166 mult ( cpu/12= 210Mhz )
Cool_n_Quiet = enabled
OS = XP Pro SP2 +++ 32-Bit

Everything running fine. Only odd behavior was after updating BIOS it "found new hardware" and reinstalled in Nvidia 6.65 RAID drivers.

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for some reason i cant seem to get my fsb above 270... it will not boot into windows :( my cpu is running at 10X270 at stock v-core with no problems and i think i can get it higher, but can not raise the fsb, and its max multy is 10X. any tricks to get more out of this chip set?
Faq updated to reflect the release of my new post :bday:


I can be adventurous enough if asus say:
We`ll buy You a brand new DFI in case your fatal1Ty a8n-sli dlx fried up after patching with our new beta*..

*our new beta - a little program which fries up your mobos in most of cases [on th contrary to: our final version which fires up mobos only in 30% of cases]

My experience is i patched twice and my mobo died once..

but seriously - Now I think they should rename or re-brand this particular mobo with smth like: A1T-SLi Deluxe or even better A2T-SLi dlx

A year ago.

:santa: Merry Christmas, :santa: ...we love you Asus
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Zwendel said:
I had the HTT 3x reverting bug in 1013 and it's still present in 1016. :-/

Merry X-mas to all. :santa2:

This problem seems to be software related with the nForce drivers hence I havnt had it since updating to Drivers v6.69. With that said, I will post links to the latest nForce Drivers to get everyone up to par.

Tried 6.70 in combination with 81.98 and the HTT bug occasionally still pops up.
6.70 also gives a serious drop in PCMark2002 so it's back to 6.66.
Hello. I just got this board, and coming from an Asus A8V Deluxe, this thing seems much more difficult to overclock. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't boot up at 240x10 using the DDR333 (5/6) memory divider, which should put my memory at its default 200 MHz. I downloaded Clockgen, but it won't let me set my VID (is this Vcore?) higher than 1.45V. If I choose anything higher than 1.45V, the "current" value stays at 1.45V. Is this a characteristic of the motherboard? If so, why does the BIOS setup give Vcore options well above 1.50V?

I'm using the 3200+ Venice and 2x512MB Ballistix PC3200 listed in my sig. Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: I notice in the initial post that the memory dividers don't seem to work well with Venice CPUs. Has that been confirmed by multiple users? I was running 250x10 with a 5/6 divider on my A8V Deluxe, so it will be disappointing if I can't reach that CPU speed due to a memory/divider limitation on this board.
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Okay after playing around a bit more, I have answered some of my own questions. The VID setting in Clockgen adjusts Vcore relative to the current BIOS setting (VID over 1.4 increases Vcore from the BIOS setting). Memory dividers are crap on this board, at least with my CPU. This confirms what OC-Master stated in the original post. This is very, very disappointing, because this CPU worked great on a 5:6 divider on my A8V Deluxe.

The good news is that I've reached 260 MHz (DDR520) on my Ballistix by running memory 1:1 with the HTT. The timings are now at 2.5-3-3-10, with 2T command of course, 2.8VDimm. I'm currently testing 265 MHz, but I don't think these sticks will go much further without a voltage bump. I haven't tried tightening the timings yet, but I'm curious to see which performs better: a lower overclock, say 240x10 (1:1), with tighter timings, or a higher overclock, say 260x10 (1:1), with the loose timings. I also haven't experimented with how high my memory/mobo can run 1T command.

Overall, I'm liking this board. However, I would be very upset right now if I didn't have memory that could OC well. Anyone with value RAM looking for a decent OC on a Venice core should definitely stay away from this board.