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ASUS A8V Deluxe vs Abit AV8

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New Member
Jul 17, 2004
ASUS A8V Deluxe vs Abit AV8

I'm building a new computer for DOOM 3 :) and I wanted to get some opinions on which is the best motherboard. I have read a bunch of reviews/threads and I wanted to get some advice from people with the boards.

Also, could anyone give me some help with choosing the best processor (planning on overclocking a bit). I am williing to pay more if the benefits are really there.


here are the specs im looking at
ASUS A8V Deluxe OR Abit AV8
AMD 64 3500+ OR AMD 3800+ (which is the best for overclocking???)
Corsair- PC3200 DDR 1GB TWINX1024-3200C2PRO (w/LED Display)
Wester Digital 250GB SATA - WD2500JD


Jan 18, 2004
CPU: Go for the 3500+ as both processors probably have the same level of overclockability.

Motherboard: I would go for the AV8-3rd Eye which is Abit's top-tier socket 939 motherboard. Of course, the Asus is probably a strong contendor but it is my opinion that Asus builds better intel motherboards than they do for AMD.

Video Card: It is a known fact that DOOM III slightly favors the newer NVIDIA series of cards over the ATI. I doubt that the performance different is significant but it is in fact there. In short: DOOM III = NVIDIA and Half-Life 2 = ATI. However, I will not tell you which card to choose so as to not start any NVIDIA vs. ATI wars (I've replied to enough of those type of posts).

RAM: According to many people and sites such as Anandtech, the OCZ EB ram is the fastest and most stable ram available for an athlon 64 system. Don't waste your money on corsair ram with LEDS; just because it's flashly doesn't make it your best bet.

If you want ultimate HD performance I would suggest 2x74 raptors. I'm sure if you chose the 3500+ and the OCZ EB ram over the two suggestions in your signature you would have enough left over for the raptor purchase.