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Jan 18, 2021
I have problems with my graphic card Asus AMD Radeon r7 260x.Black screan;no display.When install drivers system raise and after 10 minutes all crash and no signal on monitor.Try drivers from Asus site and Amd site. I put another Nvidia graphic card in my comp. and works fine.Have send graphic card to service and they sad that everything is ok with graphic card.I have update all softwere at comp.,exept bios of motherboard.Can somebody please help me!?
Computer components are:
Windows 10 pro 64-bit
Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M-DS3H
I5-4460 INTEL
Memory 8 Gb ram(2X4GB)
Power:CORSAIR 650w
When you were changing drivers/cards did you use DDU to completely clean the old drivers from your system?
For giggles, update the Mobo bios, but I doubt that solves your problem.

Sounds like a bad card... does it work in another system?
For giggles, update the Mobo bios, but I doubt that solves your problem.

Sounds like a bad card... does it work in another system?

What video out connector are you using from the card?? IE...If using the DVI-I (https://www.asus.com/us/Graphics-Cards/R7260XDC2OC2GD5/) switch to the DVI-D, or HDMI. Ect..Ect. Have you verified that the video cable is good? Goes the NVidia card use the same PCIE Power Connectors?? Check those also. ->-> Did this just start happening?? Check the fans.. -> RUN GPU-Z and see if the card is overheating and shutting down for protection ( This is what it sounds like as the card works for ~10 min).. Remove cover (WILL VOID WARRANTY!!) and replace the TIM on the GPU.. I don't know how to run Win 10 with Generic GPU Driver (This is easy in Win 7) to see if that is the problem.
Let us know how this went so we can help others with same problem :)
Card works in another system.Have send card to service and they says that works fine.I have conected both card(nvidia and asus radeon) at the same port DVI-I.Nvidia works fine at that DVI-I;allso try asus radeon at HDMI and again crash after 10 min.Must say that this asus radeon card is working only at Win 8.1 wiht one driver.Once I update the diver and black screan happened,so I roll back old driver.This problem starts when I switch at Win 10.Cant run GPU-Z because system crash and black screan happened.Restart doesnt help.Can try to replace termal paste but card is cold at the touch and fans work fine.
I know this doesn't sound like it would fix anything but try disabling fast start-up in Win10 power plans as well as in BIOS. I had a problem similar at one time and that worked for me.
Replace the termal paste and disable fast start up,and still no progress.Cant belive what is hapening!
When this started happening was it because you upgraded from Win8 to Win10? Were you running the nVidia card before and then switch, or did you just bring that card in to troubleshoot? Was the upgrade to Win10 a clean install or an upgrade? Maybe you need to try a clean install of windows 10.
I have upgraded Win 8.1 to Win 10.Nvidia card was in computer when I upgraded Windows and with that card everything works fine;but when I put ASUS AMD RADEON R7 260X-DC20C-2GBD5 in computer and install drivers everything works fine but after 10 minutes all system crush and black screen.Restart doesnt help and Windows show that is problem with video card.
Could be some kind of conflict with old software? It is quite common to have some issues when upgrading.
I don't usually recommend this but you can try running a registry cleaner like CCleaner
:) Did that with CCleaner pro,Avast clean up premium and Advanced System Care pro.

Hy people and thanks everyone for traying to fix my problem!After a long time I think thay my problem with this card is fix.For now everything works fine without crashing and will monetoring days to come is everything ok.THE SOLUTION OF PROBLEM IS;download this driver(only this work) https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-19-6-3. Save it but dont run.Disconnect internet! Use DDU to clean system of previous Amd drivers and restart computer.After restart run driver to install.Use CUSTUM instalation and INSTALL ONLY AMD DRIVER and HDMI port(in my case).For now this is only solution to run this graphich card.Like I wrote I will supervise my comp. next days to inform you is everything ok and that is reall solution of this disturbing problem.:)
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