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ASUS AURA never ending troubleshooting and issues?

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Jul 12, 2002
STRIX x570 gaming-e wifi motherboard with ryzen 3700x and strix 1080ti (anything connected via iCUE works fine, keyboard, mouse, corsair logo on cpu cooler)

I posted this on ROG STRIX forums but thought I'd try here as well.

RGB on motherboard, GPU and 5 phantek RGB halos as well as 2 phantek RGB strips all connected in series to the motherboard RGB 12v header.

I initially got it working, somewhat, but had to open Aura (latest version) each time after reboot, turn off/on lighting, to get it to show my colours on all RGB devices. I decided to troubleshoot this so I wouldn't have to manually turn the lights back on reboot, full shutdown.

After several re-installations, of various versions of Aura, I now get "aura sync doesn't exist" or "please connect compatible device" or "light service not available"...basically all the errors that are reported online.

When I do get the software to work, it won't read my motherboard, just reads the GPU.

I've tried to delete all related files in all folders prior to re-installing a different version and nothing works. Clear registry etc, delete all ASUS related folders. I don't have any other asus software installed, removed AI Suite 3 and Armoury as well as GPU tweak in case it conflicts. Using only MSI afterburner.

I also disconnected the SATA front panel cable in my Phanteks case, so it doesn't control the on/off/cycle of the RGB lights.

I've watched videos, tried various troubleshooting steps, not sure what to do?

I've tried this and various versions of this approach.

1.) Uninstall Aura Sync
2.) Restart your Computer
3.) Go to Bios, Disable LED on Motherboard
4.) Restart your computer
5.) Go to Bios again, Enable LED on motherboard
6.) Restart your computer
7.) Install Aura Sync
8.) Restart Computer
9.) Open Aura Sync and it’s all Synced again
The more I mess with these RGB builds the more I don't like them. Tons of work and time for some fancy lighting that may work right. To me it sounds like you have the same problem I had with my last RGB build in that the pieces from different manufacturers aren't playing well together. Yes I know they all say they will but the end result is they just don't...well. Unfortunately your only choice is to buy from only one manufacturer or their direct partner which is why I gave up on RGB.

My gripe about RGB over... You might try each item separately to the RGB header to see if it reads it properly. Maybe the fact you have them connected in series to a single plug is causing a conflict of some sort.
You can always try using the BIOS Flashback to revert back to possibly the first release BIOS and then update it again. This should reflash the AURA chip firmware. I have also found I have a lot less weird issues if I disable fast startup in Windows and BIOS
This worked for me, though not for for the person (kayone) who posted the solution. I had so many remnants of previous versions installed or still lingering that everything was conflicting with everything else. Once I used revo uninstaller, not only does Aura see all my RGB devices but iCUE now also sees my motherboard in the list. Ultimately, the goal is to use iCUE for everything, once the software developers improve it to be universal.