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Asus B550-A low FWM Problem

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Apr 17, 2004
Fans were working as they should few days ago, I did mess with some OC in the bios, nothing drastic. I have reset the bios to default just to make sure. Computer starts with fans spinning at low RPM and speed up a little inside Windows. When I start stress testing, they go even more silent practically spinning at their lowest RPM. Bios is set to Auto-PWM, didn't change anything. They don't spin faster upon reaching higher temps 60c+. Any help would really be appreciated as this is really odd behavior. 1st pic is idle, 2nd pic is Cinebench running.


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That is strange i would take battery out unplug let it stand 30 seconds battery back in bot up into bios set default . If that gets no where run dc could be something strange with pmw

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Set them all to full power see if you can manual
I can run fans manually at full RPM and they stay that way. Don't know if its a faulty MB or CPU.

Hadn't tested since last night and now it kinda runs fine for a few secs in Multi Cinebench, then gives up and lowers the RPM's like I saw before. Really strange it looks like it runs the fans fine at lower temp and slows them down in higher temps.
Try the battery like I said take all power out of board clear cmos see if that does it . If not I had problem and refresh of bios did it
Ok I will try that next. I did notice some high temp readings at idle, don't know what those point to though.


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Sorry didn't mention, but they are connected to the MB headers. Everything was working fine til I tried an manual OC and went downhill from there. There is no OC now and I saw this problem.
Took off battery as suggested and I think that fixed the problem. Testing now....
Thanks! Cinebench Single Core Max Temp 51c and Multi 62c. Seems about what I had before. Fans are behaving as they should from what I can see. Now that I hope I have that fixed, I can setup my fan curves like I had them.


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