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Asus B550 and Zotac 3060 Odd Startup

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Apr 17, 2004
Just finished putting all my computer together and the Zotac 3060 was the last thing I installed before starting it up after connecting everything back. I have my PC Asus monitor via DP and my Samsung 75" via HDMI. I noticed at startup, I hear 1 beep followed by 3 fast beeps, but windows loaded fine after a black screen on the Main Asus monitor. Oddly enough, I see that the video card wants the Samsung TV on for it to startup and post normally without 3 fast beeps. Is this normal or something is wrong with the video card? I was freaking out, but Windows and everything else seems to work fine.
Have you tried without the tv connected? If so, does the behavior persist? This may be an issue using a PC with your TV, not with your PC at all.
TV on no problem, TV off beeps. Had an RX580 before and didn't have this behavior. No HDMI from TV, no issue either. Read around that Nvidia has this bug where it favors HDMI as primary then goes to DP and so on, so maybe that's what I'm seeing. Idk to be honest.
Sounds like everything works once booted, so I wouldn't be concerned personally. Might be a scenario where it's best to just unplug the case speaker here.
Did you run DDU ( <- Display Driver Unistall ) after upgrading from a AMD gpu to NVidia gpu? It could be a reminder beep to let you know that there is no connected monitor. I get a reminder beep that I do not have a keyboard connected but I can also plug it in when in windows.
Yes I did uninstall the AMD GPU Drivers before changing to NVidia. It's an odd behavior I will have to get used to.