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ASUS B660-i submersion build Celeron works, 12900KS doesnt?

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So, I am happy to report. I narrowed down the issue, it is the KS CPU itself or a lacking driver update to run that CPU on this board.

I Checked first to see if the other sticks of ram would boot with the Celeron. It did, that was a relief.

The Celeron does boot with all DDR5 sticks of ram. From the 32gb corsair 5200mhz sticks to the Kingston 16gb 5200mhz and the ADATA 8gb 4800mhz.

which is cool since the Celeron said it supported up to 4800mhz DDR5.

I could enable XMP and the board did the rest. The DRAM indicator light is all pointing the KS CPU, which still didn't boot even with a heatsink attached.

Every time the KS is in the board, the DRAM indicator light is on, no matter which stick of ram.

I think that sums it up as to what to narrow in on now. I do have another KS unopened, but I guess I'll double check all proper updates for the chip are installed now, before I see if it's the chip itself.

Any input and suggestions as always are very much appreciated.
OK I can't get the KS chip to work still after all updates.
it is literally the only component having issues as well as the MOBO not being able to post with it installed. blank screen no boot...

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OK computer is working (but only with the Celeron and 64gb 52000mhz corsair RGB ram)

I can't get the Celeron past 40degrees C when putting it under any stress tests.

The 3090 is throwing an Error 43 code now, so the fun continues.

This project has become a frustrating learning experience and the official build will most certainly take place on a new generation motherboard and Raptor Lake.
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