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Asus Crosshair VI Hero new build won't power on

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Apr 11, 2017
I have a ryzen 1800x, 32gb g.skill trident 3200 cas 14, asus crosshair vi hero motherboard, asus 1060 gpu, 500gb samsung 960 evo nvme ssd, and a new corsair hx750i psu. I built the system but it won't power on. The lights on the motherboard light up but neither the case's power button nor the start button on the motherboard will start the system powering on. I'm really not sure what to do now in terms of troubleshooting. I've checked the connections several times and everything is set up right. This isn't the first system I've built and I've never encountered this problem. Is the motherboard dead on arrival? I could understand the case's power button not working somehow, but shouldn't the start button on the motherboard start the system regardless of the case's power button? From reading some other threads it sounds like there's a possibility the motherboard needs replacing but before I try the other crosshair vi I have (amazon sent two by accident, have to send one back or get charged for it) I'd like some advice on how to proceed.


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Dec 19, 2012
First thing I would do is build outside of the case. You may as well use the other motherboard just to test it's not the board. If you have a regular SSD drive I would use that as well NVMe can cause different issues. Next I would use the BIOS flashback feature on the crosshair and update to this BIOS It works a bit better especially with all that ram. Just follow the directions in your manual. It's on the page that shows the back panel connections.


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Mar 3, 2008
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By any chance is the CH6 a used one from a local store? There is a major BIOS issue that can cause bricking if you do not update the BIOS to the latest in time. I suggest following Johan's suggestion and see if you can't flash a new BIOS with the recovery mode. If you are still seeing LED lights only, and no board activity, than most likely the board is bricked and you will have to send it in to ASUS for RMA.