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Asus Crosshair VI Hero + Ryzen 1700 Results Report

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New Member
Apr 23, 2017
I am running a Ryzen 1700 with G.SKILL TridentZ F4-3600C16D-16GTZSW on the C6H motherboard. I have been through a number of Bios revisions and am currently on the 1107 UEFI. It has been excellent, I think Asus is progressing with each test iteration. As anyone who has a Ryzen rig knows, no matter what motherboard, it is early days for this platform. I do commend the Asus folk and particularly Elmor for his support and efforts. I am using the Zenstates application he wrote, which lets you setup and modify your P-states overclocks within Windows simply and reliably, making dialing things so much easier. It's a fantastic tool.

At this point I am running:

P0 at 3.95 GHz - 1.418V
P1 at 30 GHz - 1.05V
P2 at 20 GHz - .875V

All P-states are passing stress testing. DRAM is at 3200 MHz with 14-14-14-14-34 timings.

I can boot and run at anywhere from 3.95 to 4.0 GHz, but I have set myself a self imposed limit of 1.425 volts - not just on settings, but as a maximum observed peak value.

During stress testing I average 57.7 C Tctl, and drop down to around 28 C in idle/browsing loads.

I could increase my memory frequency further with a BCLK bump, but my sound card does not like that. I hope to see higher DRAM multipliers when the May Update comes out. If you own a C6H, I recommend the "ROG Crosshair VI overclocking thread" at Overclock.net, it is a great resource.

Gupster, Elmor, and many others have helped me a lot. Also I went through a rough patch, as originally I was using G.Skill RGB memory. There are definitely risks of those modules getting the SPD information corrupted due to controlling software not utilizing a conforming Mutex. Mumak (the author of HWiNFO64) and Voodoo Jungle (the author of Thaiphoon Burner) were invaluable in helping me to diagnose the issue.

I'll keep experimenting, but just wanted to validate that Ryzen and this board are a great combo if you are willing to tune your rig.


Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
Thanks Celt, I'm well aware of the OCN thread and elmors help. I visit there quite regularly to keep up on anything new.


Apr 29, 2015
Thanks for that. Mine should be here by Wednesday. Once I get it under water I'll run some tests and post back.


Apr 17, 2004

I just built my wife and I a system built on both of these components (1700 and Asus X370 ROG). I have a couple of questions as I haven't done overclocking in some time and this platform is new to me.

What tool are you guys talking about? OCN Thread, Elmor?

Second, WTF is going on with my board. I have it on the 1107 UEFI but no matter what I set in the UEFI, it boots at 1.5Ghz. It boots fine on auto and runs stock just fine. I have even played around with the Ryzen Master software and I can do overclocking with that. But when I go into the bios and set things manual the post screen will always say 3000Mhz. Windows will show my overlock but CPU-Z always says 1.5Ghz and it benchmarks as if it is running 1.5Ghz. So, I must have a setting incorrect or something I need to turn off or on. What am I missing?


New Member
Apr 23, 2017
Try loading optimized defaults, then in windows put a load on your CPU with any stress test, and see what your frequencies read in HWiNFO.