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asus geforce 2 i bough has diff. fan then others!?!?wtf?!

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Mar 19, 2001
yeah, i bought the asus geforce 2 v7700 gts 32mb ddr. i put it in(note that i still have to get hdd and ram so i dont know if it works) about 3 days ago. today i decided to go look up some reviews for it, i was pleased with what i saw but then i looked at the picture. i noticed the fan over the geforce 2 chip. . .it looks different. mine is thinner, smaller, its round, and the middle of the fan is half green, half silver. i was begining to get a bad sinking feeling that i got something different. . .did i? the fan is the only thing diff. about it, everythin else looks the same. anything to worry about?
It sounds like Asus ran out of fans, then grabbed one from the olde mystery box. Kept around for emergencies like this. If the fan is indeed an underpowered wonder, this is an example of OEM vendor honesty at its best. Not. There seems to be an unspoken current of fear running riot through the PC industry. Grab that money and push the hard or software out the door, for there may be no tomorrow! Ship it, ship it, ship it! If it doesn't work, who gives a rat's posterior?

You can squawk to Asus or the r/etailer you bought this Vidcard from. If you want to use the 7700 soon, it may be quicker to look at the HS carefully. Nice big n' fat fans can be substituted in place of weenie one's. This may involve having to slide(from underneath one of the two white plastic pegs that hold the GPU's HS on the Vidcard) the red and black wires that lead from the fan to the tiny plug that fits into its opposite member of the plug on the Vidcard.

If you decide to avoid disturbing the white plastic peg(you're up the creek if you lose one)you'll probably have to cut the red n' black wire to get it off the Vidcard and out of the way. This voids your warranty, btw.

After five months of perfect operation of my Elsa GF 256, I threw caution to the wind and clipped the red and black wires, making it possible to slide 'em from underneath the white plastic pin without disturbing it. Having the GPU fan running from the Vidcard is a stupid arrangement--especially with the King Kong of power leaches, the original GF's. The weenie Aavid stock 40mm fan was replaced with the thickest 40mm I've ever seen. ~9 cfm as opposed to ? 3 cfm from the Aavid.

It's up to you. Best of luck!
The stock fan is okay for normal use, but if you are into gaming I would put a better HSF on it. I removed the factory HSF and put a Blue Orb on my Ge Force 2 Ultra, have'nt had a glitch since. I play UT, Quake 3 and Serious Sam and they play flawlessly.
i dont plan on overclocking it, but do you mean just regular gamings might cause problems? i'll try and get one of my friends let me install it in their comp, see if it works and what the overheating factor might be. . .
the first thing i did was to remove the stock HSF and cut a large HSF down to size to fit just rite :) you can install a new fan with arctic silver glue i used jb weld.
also noticed thermal compound was only on about three forths of the chip a pretty bad job from the factory.
My Radeon came with a ridiculously underpowered fan on it. I ran with it for a while, but was forced to replace it when a couple of the fan blades broke off and it stopped even functioning as poorly as it was before. It turns out with the fan blades missing it couldn't keep the chip running cool enough at stock speeds... I added a ridiculously overpowered heatsink, problem solved ;-)

On the whole it's better to be ridiculously overcooled than undercooled. If the heatsink is weak, and it causes problems (you'll notice freezing in games), just replace it with a better one.