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ASUS GeForce 3 Watercooling

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If you have the time and money to spend on that then its ok becasue for that to be effective it will need its own pump and radiator otherwise it will be getting some nice hot water from the cpu. Some thermaltake ram sinks and a lapped blue orb will due the trick as it has allowed me to get a geforce 2 64mb pro from 200x400 to 240x470 as noted in my sig.
I haven't really read the HC forum, but in the text on Tweakers.net it says this guy has a big tank of some kind of liquid deep undder the ground to keep it cool. No radiator is used.
the reason he did all that was that was he is making a zero fan system none at all therfore he is water cooling any part that he thinks could generate heat in any way. i might have to follow his journey for info porposes only just to see how it works out.
I use water cooling and a peltier on my Elsa Geforce 3, keeps the core nice and stable at 270MHz.
Here's a pic: