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Asus Gforce3 + blue orb

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Dec 26, 2000
I have noticed on a screenshot of the Geforce 3 that the fan on it is attached to a huge 1 part heat sink. Now a lot of people say to buy the Blue Orb video fan and it will help the overclockign of Geforce 3, but I have only seen one review showing it installed and it was on a leadtek Gforce which had a diffrent setting for heat sinks.

Anyone knows if you can actualy remove the fan from the 1 part heatsink on the ASUS gforce3 and attach the blue orb at its place?
the base of the blorb acts as a heatsink so the whole hsf can be removed... however, the construction of the blorb is shoddy in my opinion, ie the base isnt even the same piece of metal as the fins and it needs to be lapped... but if you are deadset on applying the blord i'd just take off the whole ehatsink fan. oh yea, and someone correct me if im wrong ;-) dont wanna be the cause of the detah of an... expensive.. video card ;-)
I have an Asus Geforce3,and trust me,it needs no aditional cooling!
If you dead set on putting a crappy blorb on it,then yes,it comes off separately.

But I wouldn't bother removing the stock setup,it's one of the best stock HSF's on the Geforce3's,and will overclock an asus card very very well as it is!
Maybe I got lucky...but I can overclock my Visiontek ($350) with stock heatsink and fan to 240/550. Maybe some chips are better than others? My chip is a A5 stepping and the memory is Elite 3.8ns.