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Asus Maximus Extreme CPUINIT error

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May 16, 2008
I've just bought an Asus Maximus Extreme and the little external poster LCD display is saying CPUINIT error with both my new Q9450 and my old E6600.

I've tried different memory configurations but it's always the same. I'm also trying water cooling for the first time so maybe I've set that up wrong and there's not enough cooling.

Any ideas? Any way of confirming the motherboard is fine?
Did you verify contact between the block and the CPU? Is the board new or used?

Thanks for replying so quickly.

The paste was all smudged when I took the CPU out to check it so I think it was set up okay. And all the parts were new, bought that day.
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If anyone's interested, the board was destroyed by me and my first foray into water cooling.

Apparently CPUINIT is the standard message you get before you switch the machine on. I know this because I bought a Asus Striker II Extreme and two XFX GeForce 9800 GX2's.

Anyway, I'm off to update my signature! :)