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Asus Maximus Formula - PCIe/PCI Lock?

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May 8, 2004
I just "upgraded" (using the term loosely ATM) from a P5B-Deluxe WiFi to a Maximus Formula (PC#1 in my sig running a q6600). The MF's BIOS is quite a bit more involved than the P5B's, and I'm having problems geting anywhere near 400FSB (My P5B would do 450FSB easy).

Mainly, my Areca PCIe 8x RAID Card errors out during POST - like the PCIe Frequency is too high (Says something about could not load BIOS and doesn't show any of the attached arrays). I also got the "1 long / 3 short beeps" indicating the MoBo could not see the VGA Card (also indicating the PCIe frequency was too high, temporarily corrupting the Video card). I had to clear the CMOS and start over. I can only get stable to around 350FSB for now :cry:

I have my PCIe lock set to 100MHz in BIOS, but I was still getting odd errors on my RAID card during POST, and the beep codes for the VGA error anywhere near 400FSB. Why is this? I was able to run my q6600 at 3.33GHz 24/7 on my P5B-Deluxe and CPU temps were also lower. I noticed the Maximus Formula does NOT have a 33/66MHz PCI lock like my P5B's do, it only has a PCIe Lock. Could this have anythig to do with it?

I have been researching the MF's BIOS settings like crazy, and I have tried some of the suggested BIOS settings, but this board seems very picky/shakey. I'm running 1201 BIOS, but I might go to an older one (I read that 0907 is a good one). My CPU temps also seem higher than they were on the P5B, so maybe I'll try to re-seat my Ultra-120 for grins.

Any suggestions, or do I just have a flakey board? My last (3) P5B builds were so much easier to slap in a few BIOS settings and have a stable 900MHz-1.2GHz Overclock in under a minute! :bang head

Thanks for any help. The last thing I wanted was to spend cash and end up with a less stable and slower system! :mad: I'd like to think I know what I'm doing here, but this darn MF BIOS is a booger!