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Asus ME99B How fast is fast???

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Feb 6, 2002
humboldt county
Hello I have an asus ME99B mother board with a Genuine intel Celeron 400 MHZ chip overclocked , currently at 450 MHZ
my cpu occasional rips along at 454 to 458 mhz, but on average its about 452 MHZ, CAN I get any FASTER than this??
please help me out... I am new to all this... and what about COOLING I have a FULL sized tower case, with the cover completely off ( I found that this helps with the over-heating problems I had , and still have when the room temp goes above 57 degrees... but I can't be forced to freeze, how can I satisfy my comp's need for coolness , whilst I stay warm and can this comp be overclock any more?? just how fast can a 400 mhz celeron chip go?? I have 372 megs of ram... (mostly pc 100)
I have my fsb at a little over the maximum 134 point something I think, but the clock multiplier seems to be "locked " at 6.0 X
how can I "unlock this so I can try to go a bit faster say 475 mhz or 500 . Is this possible?? please help me out... Thanks.
I have also had directx 8.0 but since a worm came into my system and caused me to need to reset my computer back to a state it was in three years ago I lost EVERYTHING I have done in the past three years!!! (those Crackers make me REALLY REALLY MAD!!!) I lost everything including all the programs I wrote in qbasic , numerous PHOtos I took with my new pc camera, several dozen avi and animations I made etc., etc, etc... anybody got any ideas, of who wrote that ZDGONNER worm that did all this?? please let me know if you do.... I would like to send them a "token" of my appreciation... heh heh....:cool: P.S. send me an E-mail if you have any info pertaining to the me99b motherboard , clocking or cheap ways of cooling it down to :
[email protected] ... thanks!!!:) what about socket seven?? that's what I have, I have an asus me99b motherboard and a socket seven celleron 3 400 MHZ at 450!! what can I get for cooling a socket seven celeron, and what about getting a couple of really long plastic tubes, reinforced so as to keep them open, and connect them both to the outside and use a fan to create cross ventilation from outside, cause it is most ussually hotter in here than outside... (I live in a trailer, and during the day it becomes a "greenhouse" ha ha!! so much for the "greenhouse-effect" theory, my home is litteraly a greenhouse.. heh heh!! about the multiplier... I a sorry to differ with you, but I think you can change the clock multiplier, else why the HELL would they put clock-multipier dip switches on the motherboard as well as external cpu speed dip switches there IN THE FIRST PLACE?? ha, the must be some secret way to "unlock" the sytem and adjust the clock multiplier... I did it once before,
and had my system running at like 600 or 740 mhz or somthing like that.. but my sytem didn't like it and BLEW UP!! sorry to argue with you, I don't like to argue...
As for them dammed hackers..... PSI- psychic wave of DESTRUCTION is headed thier way!!! he heh... (I'm psychic, and don't you forget IT!!, CHILDREN should be playing with FIRE yoou know... did you see firestarter th SERIES??? well I am a lot like her.. Ie. the person whom nacy drew barry more played in firestarter... YOU should WATCH THE series, then we can talk ok?
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the key to better cooling is buy a better heatsink.... for Slot1 celerons i suggest the Globalwin VOS32 and for PPGA Celeron i suggest the Alpha Pal 6035 but if you want cheap alternatives a Golden orb should be fine for your cpu...i would expect at max you will hit 600 and you cannot change the multiplier on the chip....

WELCOME TO THE FORUMS:p ...i hope you catch those damn virus writers....