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Asus MOBO temp question

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
I was recently told that Asus MOBO's do not accurately record cpu temps. I was concerned that my temps were too high...is it true that my cpu temps will be shown as 10c higher than they actually are? BTW I am using the bios to get readings.
Yes, it's true that Asus reports higher temps than actual.

I had an Asus B4, and had High temps too.
I also just bought a A7V266-E, which I suspect will report high temps. That's gonna be my H20 rig though....

Be sure to have a good HSF combo and AS on it, decent case flow. and run with it.

Good Luck.
In socket diode adds 8-10 degrees. Use a program and subtract it within the option so its always reading your temps always 8-10 degrees difference from the original.
Wow, than that means my current temp w/ SETI running is 36c(bios/hardware monitor says 45c-subtract 10 and I get 36c aprox).....wahoooooooo!!!!!
An all this time I was worried about my temps...I feel like victorious and relieved that my fan set up is actually effecient(but loud..next step to make her quiet and cool).:burn: