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ASUS motherboard no boot no beep no error code

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Or geht the line at the wall fixed... if you are not the owner of your house this is not your issue but the one of the owner. The stuff have to get fixed, i do not consider it a valid condition having power issues at home. But depends on your country... maybe in some countrys this is a legitime situation, i don´t know. Of course, in term you are the owner you are out of luck... it will be your responsibility.
It is the problem of local sub-station. They sometimes get overload condition hence the low voltage
So there is aswell political issues involved? They do not upgrade power station because they feel like they need the cash elsewhere? Well, this is indeed a nasty thing because who cares about "low citizens", the interest of the mighty is the only one taken into account in most cases.

But issue is big... i guess you will need a overpowered PSU (it simply can scope better with high fluctuations, common science) with big input caps (preferably over 1000 µF at the primary stage, 400+V cap) in this case and a UPS aswell, in term you want to have a good chance of your hardware to stay in fine condition. Someone will have to pay the price for bad power... either you or the involved politician. Again, sorry to spell it out... indeed unfortunate and i guess the issue will only become worse because usually the number of peoples will increase... or in other words... even more power losses. :-/

It surely would make me mad... so it will be better for the responsible people not to provide bad power, i´m somewhat dangerous when i become mad.
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It surely would make me mad... so it will be better for the responsible people not to provide bad power, i´m somewhat dangerous when i become mad.

haha :D ivy.

On a side note how much bog allowance you suggest. For a 200W GPU and a decent setup a 750W should be enough. If i want to over-estimate should i buy a 1500W. But then a 1500W PSU will also cost a lot. :p . I guess my general path should be buy cheap and pray for it's longevity.

Until i become rich or a politician. LOL :D

NB: What is the best PSU within 150-200$, that will last atleast 5+ years in these conditions.
Maybe the UPS will work without additional help but, the stuff you are experiencing... some sort of permannent undervolt, is a critical issue and every bit of backup on the power input stage can give you additional headroom. You can use pretty much any trash on a bad power line, actually anything may work but not a PC... forget about... if you can supply a PC your power is good, if you can´t... this power is bad. Other devices do not matter.

You do not need a PSU with high efficiency, you need one with big input caps on the primary stage (400+ V with big capacity), it will be able to increase stability when there is bad power.
For your system and a single gpu, I'd get evga supernova g2 550 or g2 650. There is no need for more unless you are going multiple gpu. That line and the platinum are arguably the best bang for the buckTier 1 psus.
I´m not a PSU expert, so i will not make hints here. Certainly if someone got bad power at home a cherry-picked PSU is always a bonus and absolutly worth the price.

To be fair, i do not agree EDs view but this is now a thing of hierarchy, i´m not gonna continue at this point, as i told already i wish you good luck.
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Actually i was referring to the unusual and totally unprecedented revival of my PC. I still don't know why everything happened and why it is working now.

The power situation is almost same in both places, while its true that in my working place(where the computer was located) i was facing some low voltage conditions recently. The technician guys asked if i used an UPS with the setup. Which i dont. I will buy a UPS soon.

I think those low voltage situations might have damaged my GPU(which is dead), but my PSU should support voltage in range of 110-230V, there is no switch in the back of PSU so i think i should already have a voltage stabilizer inside to automatically adjust such situations. But theoretically those should not have any relation with PC not booting up. Because in my home also the PC did not boot up. It did not boot up properly even when i brought it to the technician. But there is slight chance that those low voltages might be the issue.

I have been following pc hardware community(tomshardware, anandtech, hexus etc.) for eight years. I have seen very few people who actually uses UPS with powerful rigs. I mean do you guys use UPS?

I don't use a UPS uninterrupted power service, I just use a simple surge protector that works great.:)

This summer I had a problem with the power company, I orchestrated all the neighbors to get together and the power company fixed the power surges that were throwing brakers in my house.
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