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Asus Optimization Mode Question

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Oct 24, 2002
The Dark Side of the Moon
A question for all you Asus boards experts out there. In the BIOS Advanced Menue, under Chip Configuration, Optimization Mode has three options: Normal, Turbo 1, & Turbo 2. What exactly does Turbo 1 & Turbo 2 do. The manual just says that it "allows you to enhance system performance and overclocking capability", that's a rather vauge explation. I think I've read somewhere that it serves as a pci/agp lock. I know running in Turbo 1 helps make my system more stable when overclocking. Whene ever I have tried to use the Turbo 2 setting, it doesn't run very stable, so I have just always run in Turbo 1 mode. But I'd like to here a better explation of what Turbo 1 & Turbo 2 settings do. Thanks. :D


The devil’s advocate
Dec 23, 2001
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Pretty simple, what it doesis, it overclocks your chip by 2~3fsb increase, and sets your memory timing to the most agressive settings.. @ least this is what I found out on my both P4B533 and P4PE .. when set to Turbo, fireup WCPUID and you'll notice that your FSB is actually set to 135 (for 533chips) and memory timing is set to ..