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Asus P4B266-C BIOS

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Mar 4, 2002
Cincinnati, OH
Does anyone heard ANYTHING about when Asus is going to update the freakin bios? I've emailed them a couple times with no response, of course. I want the cpu diode to show me the correct temp. This locked at 40°C thing is SUCK. Oh, and yes, I know about MBM. I want to be able to use the util Asus gave me with the board.
BadThad, I just picked up a P4B266-C from newegg this week and it's got BIOS revision 1002 on it. It still is stuck at 40 degrees but i believe it's got the 4:3 memory multiplier in it. I gotta play around with the board some more still, I just put the machine together yesterday. Nice board, I got my 1.6 Northwood running at 2.4 with little effort.
Interesting...I got my P4B266-C about a month ago from newegg also. It has the 1003 BIOS and I have the 3:4 setting. I been running at 3:4 and it rocks! Esentially the same as the 333SIS chipset really.
I wonder if you saved a copy of your BIOS if it could be installed on another board. I'd love that mulitplier, I'm running my PC2700 at 150 mhz right now, still got more room to up it.
Yes you can use that bin file.when you reprogram your bios,AFLASH asks you if you want to save your old bios, name it, save it and there it is, on your floppy
if you want to post it, ill use it,but i am sure you would not get the mem clock ratio over 132 fsb mhz.
i would love that memory ratio over 133 mhz also,(i think our computers would fly with overclocked mem) thats why i just ordered the epox board
Sorry about that guys...not been around lately. Yes, you can save the bin file. When I get time, I will post it for you guys since ASUS SUCKS! lol
DOH!!!!! :eek:

I was WRONG , I have the freakin 1002 BIOS and not 1003. I was going to post it, I rebooted and saw it was 1002...sorry guys!