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asus p4s533e

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New Member
Nov 14, 2002

can anyone please give comment on the ASUS p4s533e? im planning to get one but i want to know how well it performs especially in overclocking. any alternative suggestions would be appreciated.

It's a nice board, but seems to many times limit you to 150MHz fsb, although it theoretically can run 166MHz. The most I've seen anyone get out of one is 160fsb, with my personal 1.6a system 150 was the most that was stable. I stuck an Abit BD7-II in (i845e) and got 162MHz. As long as you have a cpu that has a mulitiplier less than 20, this can prove limiting. Otherwise a nice board, the -e model adds USB2.0. Stability up to 150FSB is great, just evaporates soon after. Does have nice 4:5 and 4:6 cpu:memory multipliers, most any PC2700 wil hack 4:5 at 150fsb, (375MHz), with good stuff allowing the use of the 4:6 ratio (450MHz). My personal example had buggy onboard sound and LAN (going back to Asus...).
I ran mine up to 164FSB to test my RAM (Corsair XMS3200c2) capabilities. It's ran Prime95 and Memtest86 for over 14hrs each at this speed.

My buddy has his 533E running stable at 166FSB with a 2.26 and some DDR2700 RAM at 1:1