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Asus P5A Mobo - Fastest CPU?

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New Member
Jan 9, 2001
Could someone help me? What the fastest CPU allowable on a P5A Mobo? Would it be able to take a 600 MHz Duron?
The Asus P5A is a Super 7 mainboard. It can handle Pentium133 through P200's, Cyrix, and AMD K6 and K6-2 processors. It may be able to use Pentium 233 MMX's and K6-3's. This is a Socket 7 form factor mainboard. Super 7 denotes 100 Mhz FSB capability.

Durons and Thunderbirds need a Socket A mobo. Super 7 is long in the tooth. If the P5A can run K6-3's, this gives you 90% of the performance of PIII's, Clock for Clock.
Thank you very much for your response, it's much appreciated!