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ASUS P6T SE with X5600 series xeon upgrade advice?

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Mar 26, 2017
The Netherlands

Lost my previous account so made a new fresh one today. Uhm so here was what I still wanted to ask for soms time actually.

I was planning to do a CPU upgrade on my x58 board to get some more juice out of it. So I was looking for those cheap pulled from server xeons.

At the first glance I wanted to go for a x5680. But it's a little too expensive for a gamble imho (100eur).

So I found out that the 5675 goes for about 66 bucks,(and is almost the same as not better if you compare the performance/money ratio with the 5680) but the launch date of the chip is Qx'11 instead of Qx'10. My board already runs the latest and greatest BIOS firmware from 2010. But I'm still worried that my board doesn't support or even recognize the chip from 2011?.. And all I could find online was that those 2010 xeons, 5650,5660,5670,5680 work on this board, but multiplier is limited to only 21 or 22 max (which isn't a big problem I guess).

What would be my best bet?

Trying the 5675, or just take the 5680 or instead just get a w3680 that is like 70 Bucks.

By the way, is this 3680 really the same as a 5680? Only diffrences I can see is QPI links max 1, max ram support 24gb, PAE 36-bit instead of 40-bit.

Advice or any other feedback is appreciated.
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