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Asus P6X58D-E / I7-970 - CPU Over Voltage Error! in stock config

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New Member
Feb 2, 2015
Hi, I hope that someone can help me with this-
I was running an i7-970 fine on my HP Trukee motherboard. I purchased an Asus P6x58d-e motherboard as upgrade.
Without changing the BIOS default settings(other than IDE) i get "CPU Over Voltage Error!" press F1 to Continue.
Pressing F1 causes the machine to boot normally. After some few minutes of doing various tasks i get BSOD.
I updated BIOS to 803 with no change. The prevent OV jumpers are in place.
My vCore voltage on ASUS Probe shows in red at 0.00. CPU-Z does not show voltage.
The ASUS site shows the I7-970 as compatable.

I am about to throw in the towel on this upgrade and consider the MB as bad...:cry: Any other ideas out there?

Thank You, Michael
Yes it does. I edited before you posted though... please answer those questions/do the task. :)

Perhaps take the OV jumper off?
Thank you for your quick replies-
I googled for voltage read points and found nothing.
The voltage is 'AUTO' in BIOS; i did try setting it at 1.2 with no change.
I will have to wait for this evening to see if voltage is displayed somewhere in BIOS; i do not recall.
I thought about taking the OV jumper off. But since the ASUS software is reading zero volts, i'm thinking that the board will not function correctly even if removing the jumper eliminates the message.
It should be in the bios somewhere...

What PSU are you using? Specific brand and model would be great!
Don't assume what that jumper will or will not do. It seems to me that it is for overvolt protection. Perhaps its not working. But instead of guessing, remove the jumper or put it to the opposite position of what it is doing now. I don't know why you would have moved that in the first place unless that board needs it? But its been years since I have been on that platform and do not know what exactly that jumper is for (your manual will tell you).
thanks; looking at bios i did find the cpu voltage. it is in red as 0.00; same as asus probe software. i changed the voltage in bios to 'ignore' and the boot over voltage error is now gone. i'm still playing with it. battery is going low on laptop.
Power Supply is XFX Pro750W - I had set the BIOs CPU voltage in red to 'ignore' and the Boot error did not come up.
But the system kept giving me the random BSOD. I then entered the CPU voltage as 1.225 and still got the BSOD.
I decieded to throw-in the towel and restore the old system. Got it up and running as before in 3 hours. My next upgrade effort will be with new, current technology, rather of wasting time with my antiques... Thank you for your help EarthDog, I will be back- Michael