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Asus P8B75-M : issues getting to install OS stage...

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Aug 29, 2002
Okay... this is a board that I've had sitting around for a while with a 3770 cpu in it.
I can get into BIOS (1606) just fine, make and save any changes I like, etc., and it will happily sit there all day.
I've tried to install and OS from both USB sticks and DVDs, but neither actually get to even start the process... it will sit there like it's waiting for something to appear on screen, but nothing ever does and then after around 2-3 mins, will reboot.
I've tried two known good sets of ram, so don't believe that is the issue, in the blue slots and have tried a single stick in the blue slot nearer the cpu.
I've tried with no drives attached and no usb/audio attached.
It was on 1707 BIOS and have now rolled back to 1606 just in case that was a problem, but both produce the same results.
I've seen a few posts around getting CSM right, and have played with that, but even on default settings for BIOS, same result every time.
I've tried it using both the onboard graphics and also with a card... still the same result.
Only thing I haven't tried is a different power supply... all the voltages look great except the 12v is a little low at 11.808 but I doubt that's too low.

I'd love some pointers before I go ahead and order a new board unnecessarily.
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