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Asus Rampage Extreme V and M.2 to Mini SAS adaptor Problem

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Feb 8, 2016
Hi Everyone,
I started building my system finally but ran into an interesting snag. firstly i have a Intel 750 1tb SSD the 2.5'' version so the connection is via a mini sas cable. i purchased the M.2 to mini sas adaptor to use on the motherboard but after install in the adaptor i found out the the plastic connection clip on the adaptor contacts the the Asus GTX 980 Ti that prevents the graphics card from sitting in the PCI slot properly.. i tired calling/ mailing asus so for no response!!!!! not happy... i find it hard to believe that asus could make such an error like this all my hardware is ASUS, even the m.2 to mini sas adaptor thus was at least hoping that the hardware would all be compatible for installation????

anyway chaining the hard drive is not an option.. so i am stuck with an expensive issue if it can not be resolved
are there any m.2 extenders that will work with the Asus mini sas adaptor and the intel 750 SSD???

any help would be highly appreciated
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Welcome to OCF caos
Could you not just move the card to a different PCIe slot?
Hi Johan45

Im Using 2 GTX980ti Strix cards in SLI with a Intel 5960X CPu so i would want to use both x16 slots...
i been searching for a m.2 extender ... if i can get the mini sas adaptor fitting to move 3cm or so the problem would be solved....
So you are saying th e INtel 2.5" SSD doesn't use the standard sata interface?
No it doesn't the 2.5i'' Intel 750 series SSD uses The Connector Formerly Known as SFF-8639 - Now Called U.2. Asus manufactored an adaptor to use it with the M.2 slot known as the M.2 mini SAS adaptor ... look here
OK I see the problem now. I'm checking the PCIe layout
EDIT: So I assume it interferes with the top card then. Only 2 X16 slots as well
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no the card does not lock in and yes its the PCB thats contacting with the adaptor :(

what whats the domension on that ?? would that cause any incompatibilities with ASUS boards?
This is uncharted territory for me but it was definitely longer comparing. It has some extra chips on it. Now as for compatible. I don't know why it wouldn't be M.2 is M.2 it has to meet a standard.
The only other option I can see is taking a bit off the top of your current connector with a file or something
thought about taking a file and rowing the top of the connector .. but still not enough clearance with the end of the other connector plugged in....
compatibility wise... i was referring to manufactures having slight firmware differences....
I really couldn't tell you caos. I haven't had to deal with this kind of set up in the past. You could always contact ASUS and ask why the have such a design that interferes with the GFX card. They might have an alternative but I find it unlikely.
After reading more of the manual it appears that all the slots are x16 but bandwidth is adjusted according to cards/ drives installed. Until you v=can find a permanent solution I would try using a different slot and check the bandwidth in GPUz
im not IT guru not sure if the slots are all x16 when i read the manual its give a picture and and reference which are x8 x16 etc... if all red slots are indeed adjustable to x16 then i could just shift each card one slot down but then again having done that and this does not happend... trying to tear the system apart (extensive water cooling) would be a disaster.......

found a PCI express care with a mini sas adaptor on it and placing this on the last PCIe slot would be a solution i think
other option would be to findout the dimension of the MSI u.2 Host card to see if that clears the connectors or
opt for a M.2 extender something like this ...

you would expect ASUS to at least put the hardware together to see if everything fits..... especially if you going on the media circuit promoting your flagship products along with NVME performance advantages only to FIND THE SLOT and CONNECTOR dont fit!!!!!!!!!!
All red slots are NOT 16x. Only the first and third red slots are true 16x. Look at the back of the board and see its electrical layout. Full 16x support it goes across the whole slot, 8x is half... etc.

That said, an M.2 SSD, which is what is supposed to go there, WILL fit. The problem lays not with ASUS and the fact that they didn't test an M.2 to SAS adapter in that location.

YOu have two choices.

1. Run them in 8x slots and lose a small amount of performance (1-2%)
2. Return the SSD and grab an M.2 based SSD.

Seems like it would be easier to use option #2.
I'm with E_D on this one. M.2 is a good option here. If you insist on going ahead with the build as is I would opt for the PCI card as long as it doesn't interfere with the cards/blocks
Great point Johan... He should be able to jimmy one of this in one of the other 16x physical slots.