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ASUS ROG STRIX x570-E Gaming WiFi BIOS questions

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Jul 12, 2002
Hi all,

I just updated my BIOS to the 3405 version, loaded defaults, updated BIOS, loaded my profile settings etc, got the system back up and running but I noticed 2 things.

1) Please look at the image I uploaded. I'm not sure what that value means Max CPU Boost Clock Override 4294967275. This setting wasn't in the older BIOS I don't think?

2) Upon boot up I got the error VGA not supported by UEFI, CSM is being enabled...

This also didn't happen with an older BIOS version. I've googled 2) but can't seem to find a proper solution other than keeping CSM enabled, which I don't believe is a proper fix?

3) I'm wondering what settings users of this board are using to bring the idle temperature as low as possible? I'm idling in the mid 40's celcius on a liquid cooler and Precision Boost Overdrive disabled etc.

Thanks in advance


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That appears to change the max boost it can achieve, but clearly won't be reaching such a number. I wouldn't worry about it. It was probably in the older BIOS, but not sure.

Keeping CSM enabled is the solution. Your GPU is non UEFI. Unless there is a UEFI BIOS for that GPU you want to flash to (I wouldn't).

Idle temperatures are largely irrelevant. Enjoy yours system so long as load temperatures are OK.
Thanks for the reply,

Load temps are fine.

Something else I find confusing is that my iCUE software shows the ryzen package temps at just under 30 celcius. At the same exact time, the HWiNFO shows it at 46 celcius, as does my riva tuner OSD.
I'm not sure what it's reading, however, running three applications like that can most certainly cause issues. I belive some of those have an offset as well. Not sure offhand which one... likely the higher, 46C value.
It looks like the BIOS didn't install properly. After having to mess around with things for the majority of the day due to issues I was experiencing, I re-flashed it. I noticed that value above, the long number, no longer there and an auto option instead in a drop down menu. The other issues also stopped. First time I experienced a bad bios flash.