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[Asus Rog Vii Ranger] Mouse freeze 5-10 seconds, system itself still responsive

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Dec 20, 2008
For the last couple of days I have been noticing that my mouse would sometimes stops responding for 5-10 seconds. This goes for movement as well as clicks, the optical light does stay on during this freezing period. Even though the mouse is unresponsive during this time, the rest of the PC functions just fine. Keyboard, PC itself and sound are not affected. I have done stress tests on CPU and Ram both seem stable. To be sure I ran my system on stock clocks and it still occurred. I have tried turning off USB3, uninstalling USB3 drivers and disabling xhci hand off in bios. So far I have tried all of my USB ports (back and front) the problem has occurred on all of them. I have also tried the following:

- Enable/disable USB3 in bios
- Enable/disable hand off xhci
- Clean format
- Disabled all non-windows services in MSconfig
- CMOS reset
- Unplugged all unnecessary things (Backup HDD/SSDs, PCIe Soundcard, DVD drive)
- Disabled all non-windows services in MSCONFIG
- Flashed bios, versions tested: 2201, 3303, 3503
- Checked SSD health with Crystal Disk Info: 100% health
- Tried different chipset drivers (https://www.win-raid.com/t2f23-Intel-RST-RSTe-Drivers-newest-v-v-WHQL.html)
- Running parts in and out of MSI mode (https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/windows-line-based-vs-message-signaled-based-interrupts.378044/)

After some googling I did find someone who had similar symptoms. Luckily for him his issues were solved by doing a clean format. Sadly did not work for me. (https://www.overclock.net/forum/8-intel-general/1321423-mouse-cursor-freezing-random-occasions.html)

Right now i am at a loss what i should make out of this. At first I assumed and hoped it was a software issue sadly I am slowly realizing it might be hardware related after all. I fear that my motherboard is slowly dying and it's way passed it's RMA warranty. Do any of you maybe have an idea what I could maybe try?

OS: Windows 7 x64 (Latest updates)
Mb: Asus Vii Ranger (Z97 bios: v3003)
PSU: seasonic 650watt
CPU: i5 4690k
Ram: 16GB (4x4GB) Corsair - 1600mhz
SSD: 850 Evo 250 GB
Do you think it could be the mouse itself having issues? Is it wired or wireless? Try a different mouse, and/or try that mouse on another computer.