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ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 - EC flash might be corrupted

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May 15, 2016

this is my problem:

The data in the EC or EC flash might be corrupted.
Please contact ASUS Technical Support for help.
System will shut down after 15 seconds.

After many attempts of fixing my problem I'm out of ideas. After a restart I'm getting EC flash error and I can't fix it in any way. Only way I can boot in windows is to flash bios through ASUS flashback. This works only for one boot. After reset or cold start it shows the same error and I need to flash bios again.

At first reseting CMOS fixed my problem, but not any more.

I tried:
- reseting CMOS
- new battery
- fresh installation of windows
- new GPU
- new CMOS chip

Any idea is more then welcome. ;)
have you tried flashing the bios via the usb slot on the back of the board and pressing the button?
Yeah, that's the only way I can boot in windows. But after next restart error shows up again and I need to flash via USB Flashback again.
i can do that.

I forgot to mention that my bios settings does not save after i change them on first boot.
try over writing the bios with a different bios then write the bios you want to use.
I tried that also. I flashed to 2301 and than back to 2501. Same error...
yes, this is it.

I was 100% that CMOS chip is faulty so i change it for new one and was realy disappointed that this didn't fix anything :(
pull all the ram except one stick.
unplug everything from the board except the one stick of ram, the power connectors and a cooler fan and the gpu.
unplug EVERYTHING, front panel sound, usb3.0 all the sata ports, usb ports, all other fans and try again.
I tried all the combinations. even with another gpu. I should mention that in bios my target speed is set to 61mhz (x0.4), but in cpuz all looks good.
I think it's time to rma the motherboard.

- - - Updated - - -

you have another rig???????
try the psu from the other rig.
I just noticed strange readings from hwmonitor. Could be faulty PSU?

I tried new PSU today with no luck. I have 2 months of warranty left, but with changing CMOS chip i think i'm scr*wd :-/