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ASUS Scammed Us

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Just my two cents, I've pretty much sworn them off. Last good Asus product I've had was an A8N-SLI board back in the s939 days.

Since then pretty much since then I've had an issue with everything I've gotten from them. From a USB BT adapter that Asus only hosted beta drivers for to a gaming laptop that sounded like it had a short to the speakers and/or their amp that Asus refused to acknowledge.

If they made good products and had a shaky RMA process I'd cut them a bit of slack but I'm my experience, they don't even make good products anymore :shrug:
Never had a problem with ASUS. On Intel side.
There was the Z690 motherboard that had a capacitor installed backwards from the factory. I seem to recall Asus trying to avoid warranty claims (doing to wrong thing) before finally issuing a recall (doing the right thing).

Stuff breaks and there are other problems that companies can face. It's about quickly doing the right thing for the customer when things go wrong and not trying to force the blame onto the customer.
I seem to recall Asus trying to avoid warranty claims (doing to wrong thing) before finally issuing a recall (doing the right thing).
I don't remember Asus denying any of those or that being the problem with the situation... but my memory is terrible. Users posted pix, buildzoid got a hold of it, found out the issue from the pix, asus confirmed and still accepted warranties, etc. I do not remember a stink about RMA denials on THIS issue. :)
You are probably right. I just did a little searching & all I could find was jays2cents complaining about it & IMO sometimes he just likes to complain for clicks. :)
I have a few ASUS product laying around. No issues with them. I will take these stories into account when I purchase new hardware.

My only boycott company is MSI. I had purchased two NVIDIA 460's "Super Talon" GPUs. One had the fans go out. "Twin Frozor" coolers. I RMA'd it no issue. Then the second one went bad and again, no issue with the RMA until I noticed that they sent me a "Talon" and nt a Super Talon. Went back and forth for more than a month. They finally sent me a 560 but that would not SLI with the other 460 Super Talon card I had. But WAIT. There's more.

I looked at the first card that I RMA'd and it too was the lesser card. They were taking my high end defective cards and sending me lower end replacements.

They took from me personally. I'm not buying from them again.
"ASUS responded -- again -- to our coverage. The last time they did this was the same day last year, but for motherboards. This time, ASUS has responded about its warranty process in general. Unfortunately, the company has, we think, misrepresented the timeline and accused its customers of being "confused" in a tonedeaf response. Rather than just post the improvement plan, the company had to take shots at its own customers in the process. This video marks a change for our coverage of ASUS: We are now seeking to provide deeper consumer purchasing advice, such as discussion of legal rights as consumers, and begin detailing policies that protect consumers. In this episode, we're joined by attorney Vincent Agosta to talk about the legal side of warranty coverage. In the next episode in this series, we'll be speaking with Nathan Proctor of PIRG Right to Repair on recommendation of Louis Rossmann to talk in great depth about how consumers can protect themselves. That'll include right to repair discussion as well, which is an adjacent topic."

00:00 - ASUS' Bad Response
02:50 - The Full ASUS Statement
08:08 - Who To Trust?
13:17 - Legal Discussion: ASUS' Statement
17:17 - Damages & Fraud
22:20 - Wrongful Shipping Cost & Magic TG Reference
26:00 - Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Explained
32:05 - What Can Consumers Even Do?

Got a rma'd ASUS 4080 scheduled to arrive in Jeffersonville Indiana Monday.
Video signal loss under load.

This should be interesting !!!

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I used to avoid MSI and Gigabyte.. but I was told that MSI is actually pretty good now. And same with Giga.

It hurts to say, but I might give them a try next time. I dunno..
I used to avoid MSI and Gigabyte.. but I was told that MSI is actually pretty good now. And same with Giga.

It hurts to say, but I might give them a try next time. I dunno..

On the web are people who mostly buy 1 product every 2-4 years and share their thoughts, generalizing the whole brand. I saw weird quality issues from all brands. Here are some examples and some things that have been repeated for many years.

I would say that MSI was much better 3-4 years ago than now. After amazing Z590 motherboards, they gave us a highly overpriced 600/700 series with various design flaws and nothing special for overclockers. They removed special RAM profiles, there is no optimization for RAM OC (hardware or BIOS), users complain about WiFi signal in multiple models, CPU sockets are weirdly fragile (this is the only brand that clearly says not to overtighten AIO coolers and RMAs for damaged sockets are more often than in other brands). Additionally, more than once, I heard about problems with M.2 socket mounting/soldering. I don't want to point out anything right now, but having a damaged M.2 mounting bolt in a Z790 Godlike motherboard says a lot about quality control.
MSI graphics cards are still pretty good, but there are no special series for overclockers. Most are just standard series with a better-looking cooler.
I feel like MSI switched from a gaming/enthusiast brand into above-average components for the masses. The widely announced comeback of MPower motherboards ... is limited to China or something, and MSI didn't even want to send review samples.

Gigabyte repeats the same things each generation. If their motherboards have any design flaws, they release a new PCB revision and then fix the issue in another way. Look at how many revisions there are for current popular models (typically 2-4 already).
Even though their motherboards now have much better RAM support than a couple of years ago, then Gigabyte still lies in their specifications. They test motherboards in their lab with beta BIOS releases optimized for OC and later release them with a basic BIOS that can't support higher frequency RAM or causes other issues. A perfect example is when multiple models don't support more than 1.43V VDD/VDDQ and are supposed to support DDR5-8000+ that require 1.45V+.
Their enthusiast/OC series products are usually limited to specific countries and released with a huge delay and limited support. I was counting on the Tachyon series to be exceptional, but I got pretty average products with below-average BIOS (officially, there was no optimized BIOS for OC and no betas published anywhere). The same about Z690 and Z790. I returned both. B650E wasn't available out of Japan/Taiwan.

ASRock also discontinued enthusiast-series products. Now, they make products for the masses and focus more on saving money than competing with top-of-the-line products from other brands. There is no OCF, no Aqua, nothing ... but we get Lite versions of higher motherboards. ASRock still maintains a good level of quality, and their Lite series mobos are pretty good. The only problem is that they don't have much above the standard and often save on components like they use older audio in new motherboards.

EVGA is dead and had problems with support/BIOS anyway.

I will skip all other brands.

Again, people may hate ASUS, but what do they pick that will be so much better? I can't see any better brand if we talk about motherboards and graphics cards. You can replace graphics cards more easily if you want Nvidia. If you want AMD, then good luck finding something with better-quality fans and other things. Some brands don't even release AMD cards or have literally one model. Check what RX7700XT, RX7800XT, and RX7900 GRE offer Gigabyte and MSI.
It feels like people just love to complain on the web. Whatever happens then is a lot of noise, and others join the hate train, whether they have a related issue or not. People barely ever say that this or that brand is great and share some good experiences. However, in case of any issue, there is a flood of posts everywhere.
I don't really boycott any brands except for ek because of how they handled the water block nickel problems way back. Too many other good products with better prices. I do favor certain brands though, ASUS being one of them, EVGA was the other. I don't see that changing because of all this but the ASUS tax is getting pretty steep these days.
Most of my personal/enthusiast motherboards for a LONG time have been ASUS, unless I need something cheap, stable, reliable, and easy to manage (ala family member pc, home server, anything that runs 24/7, etc). They have reliable enthusiast kit from what I've seen, though I'm really not a fan of their UEFI BIOS stuff. It just seems so clunky and not organized well. Don't even get me started on their qfan control setup junk lol. Anything that needs to "never" die though I go with Gigabyte. I've never had a product from them fail on me, however ASUS has a few times.

Used to switch out the majority of my hardware every 4-8 months due to either testing or review items, or because I thought something would do better for X situation. I've never had to RMA or warranty claim anything from ASUS, so a point for them there. However when their stuff DOES die on me, it's past warranty anyway sooo. Funny how that works eh? I've heard from many folks in the past having issues with ASUS warranty claims and returns going through them, for motherboards. I'm guessing their graphics card have a separate division as any time I've seen someone having an issue with a dead or flaky graphics card and it's under warranty it seems to be handled quick and correctly.

Grain of salt, sample size of one.
I don't know how the RMA and warranty is...30 MB or so over 25 years 0 issues. Asus and Asrock are the majority but the oldest I have is an MSI over 10 years old that has run 24/7 for all those years.