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Asus to make Ati video cards --possibly

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3D God
Nov 20, 2001
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Those could be some nice cards... but I don't like the part about them not being labeled as Asus... at least thats how I see it when they say that it won't actually be an Asus product. I do wonder what Nvidia could possibly do to stop Asus though... seems to that they could only make threats and hope Asus didn't do it. But Nvidia IMO shouldn't say anything... just let it happen. Asus cards are too gosh darn expensive... but have some nifty features.

Lou Natic

Jan 31, 2002
Asus isn't the only company to recently jump on the ATi bandwagon. Transcend and Soyo are also announcing their intentions of making ATi-based vidcards.

Transcend intends on having a high-end and budget line. The high-end will consist of the ATi chips (7500, 8500, etc) while the budget cards will be SiS315 based.

Soyo's approach will be different, as they're only doing ATi vidcards. They're playing with the idea of selling mobo and vidcard bundles.