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Asus Tuv4x Piii/cel/s370/sdram

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Jul 26, 2001
is this board good for overclocking


i have a p3 733 s370 now but im going to upgrade to maybe a 3p1gig or higher..

will this board do. is it a good overclocker..
if not how about a


let me know..as i want a new board...

the CUV4X was a very popular board in it's day for a 440BX-based mobo-the TUV4X is the same thing with Tualatin support, so it should perform pretty much exactly the same.

The TUSL2-C is a good board also, it uses a newer chipset than the TUV4X. If I had to pick, I would use the TUSL2-C paired with a Tualatin CPU. For both boards, with the right CPU and add-in cards 150+ FSB is entirely possible.

IF you get one of these boards, be sure to upgrade that 733 to a Tualatin CPU, they are quite a bit faster than normal P3 CPUs- cheaper, too, and they overclock like crazy!:)
thanks for the heads up...

i only want a cheap upgrade till the p4's start to drop into my price range. and overclockabality <--- new word for the day. is a must...

i know i should save the money and wait but, i have the money for this upgrade now, and i will have more saved by the time the p4's start to drop.. as i have all the other parts. sound HDD ram video yada yada yada...
paired with a fast, well-overclocked Tualatin CPU, either of those boards will beat the stuffing out of a P4 in every area except memory bandwidth.

Plus P4 CPUS and mobos are super expensive....

sorry i just am not much of a fan of the P4, it's not BAD but other setups are lots cheaper and almost as good or better in every respect.