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ASUS USB 3.1 Front Panel Test result's.

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Feb 9, 2016
I got a ASUS USB 3.1 with A Type port's shipped to me from a friend over in Italy as they have not released them in Canada or the State's yet,I also have a ASRock USB 3.1 Front Panel that I also tested and I will put a link to it in this thread as well.

I used an ASUS X99-A Mobo with Vantec USB 3.1 enclosure's and tested some SSD's and a few 2.5 HDD's as well.

I'm also running Windows 7 64 Bit.



SamSung 850 Pro 128GB
SamSung 850 Pro 128GB.PNG

SanDisk Extreme Pro 240GB
SanDisk Extreme Pro 240GB.PNG

SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB
SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB.PNG

SamSung 850 Pro 512GB
SamSung 850 Pro 512GB.PNG

The 2 lower pic's are HDD's I had laying around with very little use on them and were just storage drives I also had in enclosure's before as well,these were also tested with the Vantec USB 3.1 enclosure's.

SamSung Spinpoint 320GB 5400rpm 3GB's with 8mb cache.
SamSung 320GB.PNG

Hitachi 750GB Travelstar 7200rpm 3GB's with 16mb cache.
Hitachi 750GB.PNG

The CrystalDiskMark tests are all fine and good if you want to see what benching marking can do but it's the real world transfer speeds I really only care about and judging from what I found the result's were very strange.

First off if you look in the link at the bottom of this page and compare these test result's from the ASRock front panel to the ASUS front panel you would think that with every SSD I tested with the ASRock and CrystalDiskMark out performed the ASUS front panel but in real world testing the ASUS front panel gave me better transfer speeds every time.

What I found was that with a 10GB folder filled with video files at 348mb to 540mb in size I would get around 85mb to 100mb transfer speeds with ASRock front panel and I would get 150mb to 170mb with the same video file's and I also do not see any difference in speed between the SamSung and the SanDisk SSD's.

I also found that when I made up a folder of pictures that was 2.30GB in size I would 140mb to 165mb transfer speeds as the speeds would change a bit and this was the same for both brands of SSD's.

As for the HDD's I found the Hitachi would start off at 165mb transfer speeds with the folder of video files for about the first 2.5GB of the transfer and then start to slowly and steadily drop down to 49mb for the rest of the transfer,the picture transfer for the Hitachi start of at 156mb and then after 25% of the way threw the transfer kept going at 77mb to 87mb for the rest of the transfer.

The SamSung however is a very different tale,when I did the video file transfer it started off at 163mb and held it's speed much longer and when it dropped in speed it lost it's speed at a much slower rate then the Hitachi,for the first 15% of the transfer it did not drop below 100mb where as the Hitachi dropped below 100mb really fast about in the 5 to 7%,the SamSung also maintained a constant speed of 56mb to 59mb for the rest of the transfer.

For the picture folder test with the SamSung it started off at 185mb shot up to 200mb for 6 seconds then went down in speed and stayed around 150mb to 134mb for the rest of the transfer and only for the 1 second dropped to 124mb.

Keep in as well the SamSung is a 5400rpm drive with 8mb cache and the Hitachi is a 7200rpm drive with a 16mb cache,the SamSung has 450 hours of runtime on it from what Speccy told me and the Hitachi only has 2.5 hours on it and that only because it was my master back up HDD for Pictures programs and other stuff I keep on a few drives and the Hitachi only came out once every month or 2 to add whatever new files I had to add.

One other thing that should be mentioned about the ASUS Front Panel was that when I installed it and hooked it up I put the power line for the front panel on the same line as my DVD drive and they were the only thing's hooked on that line coming from my power supply and I started noticing later that day when I went to burn a bunch of video files for a friend and found that my burning program was failing part way threw the burn process I tried everything from uninstalling the DVD drive in the device manager and then rescanning for new hardware and tried to do another burn with no success I then tried uninstalling ConvertXtoDVD 6 and nothing seemed to work until I remembered the last thing I touched on my PC was the cable that went into the DVD drive and the ASUS front panel and went and got another power line from my EVGA bag and unhooked the front panel from the same line as the DVD drive and hooked it up on it's on line with nothing else plugged into it and once the ASUS front panel hooked up on it's line the DVD drive started to burn normally again and has been working fine for the last 3 days.

Test result's for the ASRock front panel.

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I will also be testing some 3TB HDD's in the next few days for anyone who is wanting to follow this thread.
It's only been a few days since I installed the ASUS Front Panel so I won't know for about 3 week's because that's how long it took the ASRock one to start acting up and once it did it just kept getting worse then I was forced to do a reformat and start all over again.

The ASRock Front Panel did not cause problems the second it was plugged in.

- - - Updated - - -

I was thinking the same thing but I deleted the Pic's I used in the ASRock testing I did and just uploaded them from my PC so that was out of the question as I have gotten fed up with Windows 10 doing a few stupid thing's to me.

I'd also like to see the results next to each other instead of a link to another thread. :)
Easy. Go back to your other thread, make graphs from the screenshots there.