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Asus V6600 running hot

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Matthew A.

Dec 17, 2000
InSane Diego, California USA
I have an Asus V6600 pure w/SGRAM video card and use a OEM Intel P3 flip chip HSF instead of the one that came stock with it. I used super glue to attach it to the GPU and used thermal grease between the two. This setup has worked very well for a number of months to keep the cards temps below 38 to 40 Cel. even under load. However, now the cards temps stay closer to 48 to 50 Cel. at idle. And rise to 135 degrees F. Unsure at temp in Cel. ? Fan is installed and running fine on card. HSF appears to remain correctly attached with no visible gaps appearing. HSF was also lapped before installing on card. Why is it running so hot, case has lots of cooling. 3 fans mounted on side of case, two blowing on video card, one blows on CPU, also have one 3" 6500 rpm fan used to exhaust air from case. Do I need to reinstall HSF or will the problem just reappear with time if I do.
If this is an original GF 256 Vidcard(sorry, I don't keep track of Asus Vidcard model numbers) I'm sure you know that these are HOT running GPU's. Is it possible that you mounted the HSF during winter? Seasonal changes really do show up inside boxen. My GF256 adds 5F to my mainboard temp, adding a 75GXP HDD bumped interior temp another 5F. During the winter, this 10F kinda doesn't even "show up." Different story in late spring, and especially high summer!

AFAIK, the GeForce 256 GPU's can take a LOT of heat--this is handy, because they create a LOT of heat. I don't think that 135F is a problem, even if it's a real problem for other components. However, with summer yet to come it's a good idea to weigh your options!
If that concerns you, get a GlobalWin CAF12 system cooler fan and that will really help lower the temp on your card.
Thank You, to the both of you for replying to my post. I added a 2 1/2" 7500 rpm fan onto the side of the Intel HSF I had installed on the vid card. It brought the temps down another 5 or so degrees. Plus I also did a little spring cleaning. Who knew that much dust could collect on the fan blades and HS. fins in 3 months.