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ASUS V7700 users please

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Jan 23, 2001
I need an upgrade on my vid card and am looking at the asus v7700 card to replace my trusty voodoo3 2000.So if you would please give me your likes/dislikes on this card and any other info.Since I am oc my fsb (145/145/36) what will the agp be at and should I reset the fsb to default before installing this card?Lastly I'm not up on the drivers for any card but the voodoo's so what are the best drivers for this card?

asus cusl2-c mobo
256megs crusial cas2
IBM 30g ata100
voodoo3 2000
sb 512
I have had this card for about 9 months and have been happy with it's performance. I purchased it based on the reputation of Asus and also because it has Winbond voltage, GPU temp and fan speed monitoring. I only use nVidia reference drivers. Just upgraded to the ver 12 detonators. It presently is running on at 103 mhz. My system specs are below.
I don't know if it's the V7700 yet, but I have included a file for you to see the problems I am having with graphics. The video card is not overclocked and the same problems were present before I overclocked the fsb. The monitor and the V7700 are the only two items in my rig that I haven't replaced yet, to find what is causing this glitch. I know many people are very happy with the card but when I emailed ASUS about two months ago regarding this problem they never responded. I am thinking of trading this card for a Radeon to see if it has been the video card all along.
That looks like just like when the video card has been overclocked beyond the normal specs. Have you tried degrading the memory or core speed down to see if this problem goes away?

Cause this is 100% what I get if I overclock beyond what my memory of the Geforce 2 MX can take.
I've never overclocked this card. It is still at the GeForce2 default of 200MHz core and 333MHz RAM. Should I lower both the core and RAM from the default? I'll try anything at this point. Thanks.
Yep, lower both the core and clock speed down for the VC, and see if it makes a diff.

Btw you do have a slot cooler or something next to the VC right? Cause if you dont, it will heat up your mobo temp really good.

If that fails, then the video card is defiently at fault, you should exchange it.

One more thing, does this thing happen on your desktop or during playing games?

Also check your GPU FAN for the Video Card (VC), for all you know that FAN must not be workin or something, or not providing adequente cooling required. Also might be the thermal stuff between the GPU and FAN might not even be connecting, thus resulting in the bad pics stuffs.
Thanks very much for helping me out. I tried underclocking the core/mem until I locked up the computer, but it still didn't help. I did replace the stock fan with a tennmax fan, and it has lowered the temp somewhat on the GPU. Checked to make sure the fan/hs was making contact and used generic paste in-between. This problem only happens on the desktop when using some flavor of IE and MediaPlayer, not Netscape. That is why I always thought it might be a driver problem, but I have never had any confirmation that anyone has seen this problem before. I think that I will try your suggestion to RMA the card to ASUS, wish me luck trying to get through.