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Asus V8200 GeForce 3

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I just finished a new system today and it runs great. The system consist of:
A7V 133A
amd 1.2 oc. 1.4 stable
sound blaster live X-gamer 5.1
asus V8200 deluxe GeForce3
512 megs of micron pc133
50 gigs of hard drive
Win98 se.

This is strictly a game machine for lan partys and it runs rock solid with a temp of 109 degrees under a load. To me the vidio card is great and I have had no troubles with it at all. I think Asus finaly made a great card. Has anyone else used this card and had great result also? Let me know what you think.
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[1]Only kidding Shadow, I'm just having a much better time of things today!!!![/1]

I think I do understand what you are saying about ASUS finally making a good card though. A lot of their NVidia based offerings of late have sadly lacked behind the competition in terms of latency of memory used, general design bottleneck potential and low feature set/$ compared to the competition. I do think that the GF3 chipset and its high price have really made the board manufacturers take a second look at the approach that needs to be employed in getting them made purposeley to sell. Fortunatley for ASUS, all of the other video card manufacturers have had to employ exactly the same tac as them, hence a winning card for once.
Have the OEM or "pure" version, whichever they're calling it (Just the monitor plug). I like it, but I can't say much, as this computer is basically an upgrade of a PII that was running a MonsterII. Haven't had a chance to toy with the core and memory settings much yet.
Bumping this a tad because I've got some questions. Heh!

Has anyone played with the included Tweak utility yet? I haven't been getting very stable results with even the smallest tweaks. Then again I do have the stock hsf on it. I'm also thinking of updating to the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers, and trying to disable the Asus Smart Doctor. Any suggestions? Thanks.

*Edit - Also thinking about updating to the latest Detonator drivers. I know the Asus drivers support some additional features that were implemented in the V8200, but I'm willing to sacrifice that for stability and some added overclockability. Any information on that? Thanks again.