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ASUS V8200

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Jun 20, 2001
Upstate New York
I was just wondering if anyone had played with the cooling on this. It seems like it has pretty decent heat sinks/fans attached already, but I was thinking of taking them off to at least smooth the bottom/use arctic silver adhesive. Anyone done anything like this, or replaced the hsf?
OEM heatsink are nice, but often thay are put thier for looks, if they look cool they will sell.

Taking them off, and replacing with beter sinks is a great idea
taking them off and just applying proper thermal paste ins another good idea, if you can lap them.

My Geoforce 2 MX (i am poor) had a P3 heatsink/fan and fan on the GPU, and a Pentium heatsink/fan on the ram. helps with overclocking alot.
Looking against light it seems that my V8200 has better applied thermal compound than V7700 I had. Anyway because it gets hot AS and better fan/hs would help. According to Asus V8200 uses up to 28Watts. I guess that the cooling is already quite good because we don't see very high temps -the fan is after all quite tiny...

If you deside to take that HS off I'm interested in hearing how well thermal compound was spreaded originally. I won't touch mine until I have more powerful computer - no use to o/c it yet...
I suppose you could call this playing with the cooling :)


Asus V8200 GPU & Ram water-cooling 260/560, (coolant @ 14°C), & without modifying the card in any way including voltage mod.

I wanted to be able to keep using the Smart Doctor so I made a Pulse generator, (with a great deal of help), which tricks the card into thinking it still has a fan attached. That way Smart Doctor can still be used. I do intend to run the Pulse Gen through a flow meter eventually so It will pop up saying the fan has stopped if my pump or waterflow has stopped.


How to make an artifical fan "pulse" circuit??
I've just got a AsusV8200 Delux (after a Elsa 920). I've not got around to taking any pics but you can see my cooling rig in the article on peltier cooling a geforce3 on the front page http://www.overclockers.com/tips585/ (the pics are of my old Elsa)
My Asus is one awesome card stock it did 245/590 without any problem whatsoever, with my peltier/watercooler its running 24/7 at 280/590MHz. After being a little unlucky with the overclockability of the Elsa I've hit the jackpot with this Asus, I've not had the heart to do the volt mod on it yet but 300/600MHz should be possible.