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ASUS V8460Ultra GeForce4 Ti 4600 not 330MHz,660MHz but 300MHz, 650MHz

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Feb 23, 2002
from xbit labs

Asus press-release of February 6

A core clock speed of 330MHz and memory clock speed of 660MHz, combined with 128MB DDR SDRAM provide the ultimate graphics experience with revolutionary technologies

If we cast another glance at the press-release at ASUS web-site, we’ll read the following:

A core clock speed of 300MHz and memory clock speed of 650MHz, combined with 128MB DDR SDRAM provide the ultimate graphics experience with revolutionary technologies

again from xbit

This implies that ASUS is not going to launch the faster GeForce4 Ti4600. Moreover, the company didn’t care to tell anyone that it had changed the values in its own press-release. As a result, V8460Ultra cards will be just an ordinary GeForce4 Ti4600 based product advertised with dishonest methods. At first, the cards were advertised to have better characteristics, but the ultimately selling products won’t have any advantageous features. It’s no good, you know. Especially for such big company as ASUS. Now let’s wait for what the officials will say...

Now the thing that has me confused is the companies on pricewatch selling

AsusTek Price for PHONE ORDER PRICE, mention Price Watch - 128MB 660MHz DDR, nVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 chipset. 330MHz core clock speed $424

so are these card on pricewatch fakes? have they just been overclocked up a bit and marked as ultras? Similar to the some experiences of oems marking things as "faster" so they get more $? I not sure but i can assure u that im not going to be getting a Asus GeForce4 Ti 4600 now...
I was a lucky one who got a certified 330 / 660 ASUS card. These cards are very stable!

I'm running happy @ 340MHz CORE : 750MHz DDR-Ram.
That is correct, they are at 300/650 like Nvidia specified. Along with coming with a rather puny HSF too. The PNY and Leadtek GF4's are the ones to get right now. Asus dropped the ball on this one in the cooling dept. IMO.
well I watercool the GPU on my GF3 and the Asus wont go into my system without a waterblock installed my concern is not getting what im paying the extra $$$ for. i thought i was purchasing what they advertised...if id wanted an ordinary card i wouldve bought one! only time will tell
It seems that the highest clocked Ti4600 variant will be the Gainward Ultra/750XP Golden Sample. It's rated at 350/700 from the factory. It seems to have a much better cooling setup as well. The only downside is that since it's already clocked so high, you might not get much more out of it with a o/c. I could have seen that somewhere, just can't remember of the top of my head at the moment.
Nope, the Gainward is going to be set at 300/650 also, another misconception. I am not impressed to date with the marketing out of some of these companies lately. But they are all being released at 300/650, so dont let marketing BS fool you.

If you look closer at that article, its matching up the Asus vs. the Gainward. The Asus OC's to about 690 as the article states, the gainward OC's to 750. There is a 60mhz difference here. The logical conclusion to why the Gainward OC's about 8-9 percent higher is quite ovbious. It uses Ramsinks to help keep the memory cooler. The Asus card has probably the weakest cooling solution of all the new Ti4600 cards, and when OCing it shows. On my PNY card it came with a nice HSF for the GPU, but also didnt have any RAMsinks. I was able to OC to about 710 perfectly stable, and I couldnt go any higher without artifacts etc. Last night my new copper RAM sinks came in from Crazypc.com (great place!) After using Artic Silver adhesive compound and some clamps to adhere the new performance ramsinks, I was able to etc out an additional 60mhz out of my RAM for a high of 770 mhz! When looking at alot of these "test" you have to lay all the cards out on the table. Gainward didnt do anything different(cept use dual DVI outputs which I wish all manufacturers did)than any other than add their own custom HSF.

I would like to get my hands on a Leadtek card, as they use dual fans and moster heatsinks on practically the whole card! This card may become the leader for stock OCing from a logical standpoint.
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Also a thing to add here, after doing some research this morning along with a tech call to Asus on a question with one of their motherboards I happened to ask them if ANY new Ti4600's were released OCed or with higher than spec'ed settings than the 300/650 Nvidia specifies and they nope, not a single one. So Mr. Atomic seems to be talking out of something other than his mouth if you ask me on this one. Cmon guys lets clear up this BB of the stupid BS I read everyday! Please!:rolleyes:
No, the "Asus guy" isnt wrong. Nvidia only sells 1 Ti GPU rated at 300 mhz, they do not make exceptions and produce higher rated clocked GPU's for a few companies, it would dramatically increas production costs. Also all companies use the same memory, its all BGA 2.8 ns rated. Again to keep costs down and uniform. People who believe marketing or misprints or whatever should know by now its all BS to get you excited. So people who are paying more for cards with higher cores and memory sets arent paying for better hardware or special memory. They are paying for somebody to push up a few sliders on a software utility for them at most. Just like Gainwards card "XP 750" The card isnt using any special memory or anything else, they just found that BGA memory with ramsinks could be consistently pushed to 750 mhz on all its production models past its rated 650, My PNY card with ramsinks hits 770mhz with ramsinks, maybe PNY should call their cards something different to get a few more gullable buyers to pick up one of their products.:rolleyes: