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AsusProbe/MBM5 vs. probe

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Apr 21, 2001
OH-Heartland of the USA
Well, here is some more data for those who doubt the sensors built into the mainbd.
There is about a 4 degree difference and I think I know why.
Setup: thermal probe with LCD readout set against the core, Taisol Alum HSF w/26CFM fan from a FOP32,Duron700,A7V,OCed to 9.0x105.
At post I went into bios and compared the hardware monitor readings to the LCD. They stayed within .5c until I hit 38c. At this point the hardware monitor(hm) kept going up and the LCD hardly increased at all. After 10 minutes the LCD read 40c and the hm read 44.5
After continuing on to load windows, the LCD has increased only 3-4 degrees while MBM5 and AsusProbe stay almost constant at 47c
My theory...since the space at the center of the socket-A is sealed off from the surrounding area, the air in there cannot be vented.
Since the HSF is taking the heat away from the core at an efficient rate and is apparently keeping up with the heat output, the heat trapped in the area below the CPU cannot transfer. I doubt that even if the HSF was more efficient that it would make a lot of difference in the MBM5 reading because the heat under the core would have to transfer through the core and be removed with the HSF.
Such an exchange can only take place if the core temp becomes lower than the area below, and that's doubtful under normal use. However, I have been able to lower the MBM5 reading by 1 or 2 degrees just by leaving the system alone for 5 or 10 minutes, with the screensaver off. This allows the CPU temp to ease up and the temps to equalize. Or, it could be that the heat below the CPU is being released through the material of the mainboard!
Well, that's my rant...what's yours??