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at 1540 mhz now. (from 1333). need suggestions to make it fly faster

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May 15, 2001
alright.. i'm finally down with OCing. heres what i did.. i've up the fsb to 140mhz. (the farthest i can go before win2k wouldnt load.. btw. what is a good OC O/S?) multipliers are set to 11.. first it wasnt soo stable. (so is the 140mhz fsb.. so i uped the VMEM voltage to 2.7). so i increased the vcore to 1.77 (this is stable with 1540mhz). when i tried anything higher than a 11 multiplier setting... it wouldnt boot. i've increased the vcore voltage to 1.8 and still no gold. is there anything i can do to make it go faster? or is this the end of my little overclocking experience?

some specs.
tbird 1.33 ayhja stepping
crucial 256mb pc2100 ram
Iwill KA266
400 watts antec PS
GF2 pro
HD... CDrom.. other
I have had equl good luck overclocking with Win98se and WinME. I have not tried Win2k, NT, or XP.

what temps are you running at idle and at load? cpu and case temps if you have em... This can greatly affect your ability to OC a system... although 1540mhz isn't too shabby. If you look at the cpu database, that might be where many people with the same chip are topping out.

Post some temps to give us a better idea.

*edit* I just looked at the database... 1540 on the dot is the average overclock... thats not to say if you have really good cooling you could not go further though. ;D
temp is not a problem.. i pushed the fsb to 146 and it posted 1606 but it froze right after that. i think i have some OC un-friendly hardwares. i had to remove my cdrom to have it post 1606.. temps are great. never reached 50C. its around 46C full load in A/C room. and probably around 49-50C when its off.
You can find vapochill at www.vapochill.com.

I wouldn't call temps of 46C good, really. Acceptable, but not good (especially since you can't go any faster). What kind of case and cpu cooling are you using?

What are your system temps? Room? The more information you give us, the more we can help you. :)