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at bit more quiter.

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May 9, 2001
A hot spot in Ca
I picked up some rubber o-rings at a motorcycle shop that I use to work at. I got them for like $2 or was it $4? Anyways I was reading something on here about using gramits to keep the fans quite. So I installed one (using super glue) on the HS on my Geforce2.

I've had great luck with super glue. I have use it many a time to glue fans to my heat syncs, with no problems what so ever. The stuff holds REALLY REALLY well even under the extream heat. But the fan came off just fine with a razorblade.

I noticed that the fan would slow down if it was tooooo close to the HS. Now that it's a little above it doesn't slow down at all.

I've added some to the fan on my cpu. One on each corner, that dropped my temps only 1 degree but hey every little bit helps. So if you fine a box of these jems buy them. You can probably get them at any automotive store. IT'S totally worth it. It will make for a nice and quite case. I've been planning on somehow using them to mount the CD drives and the hard drive.

Opps I jsut relized that I posted this in the wrong topic. MY BAD.