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At last, pics of my case mod & H20 setup!!!!

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cyber mouse45

Cyber Cheesiest Senior
Jan 31, 2002
Yep here they are, the first nine pics of my PC. I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to finish this thing. Well actually it’s not really done yet. I need to get my new psu back from new egg, I got to rearrange all my wires so they look good, and I think I may get a new mobo. Oh, and I also have to replace my Voodoo 5.

Here’s the first one, my room. Man what a freaken mess. It took me two days to clean it up. :p
The inside is a mess right now, but I’ll clean it when I get the rest of my stuff in there.
Very nice indeed. I have to say I think thats one of the best external res's Ive seen yet!~!
Thanks for the compliments guys. :D Now to answer your questions. Yes rUfUnKy, I used that hammered paint on all of it except for the res tubes. For that I used some Metal Flake model paint I had leftover.

For all of the outside blow holes I used a 3” hole saw Yodums. But I used my Dremel for the 120mm hole for my heater core fan, and also for the holes that my tubing come through. It works great! :D

craigiz1, idle temps are right around 33C / 91F according to this crappy Asus Probe. And that’s with my 1800+ oc’ed to 1.678mhz. Mobo temps are 20C /68F. Load temps are 37C to 41C after folding for nine hours, but I think it’s less than that. (Asus Probe sucks) The res holds 15 1/2 cups I think.