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At what CPU temp do you notice unstability? (AMD 2500+ Mobile @ 3200+)

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Oct 23, 2002
I'm used to have CPU temps of around 36C Idle and 43C Load. But I have recently moved into an apartment and the room temp is higher than at home so I'm seeing CPU temps of 40-42C Idle and 50C Load. So far I haven't really noticed any unstability.
Now I like to have my temps on the low side but I personally dont see anything wrong with a 50C Load temp, as long as I'm not going much higher.

But I would like to know from experience at what CPU temps will I start getting problems?


Senior Member
Jul 8, 2002
I have personally run my mobile around 50C before without noticing a problem. Well within spec, so I wouldn't worry about it.

As for what temp is too high... I've heard varying results. Some say 55C, some say 65C+. I feel that it is best to keep lower temps for longetivity, but if you're stable, I wouldn't worry about running 50C at all. Heh, I guess that didn't really answer your question too closely. Hopefully someone else will come along with more info :)

a c i d.f l y

Apr 1, 2003
Austin, TX, USA
Depends on how hard my clock is.... if I had a shisty sink, or no airflow, at a lower clock, I could get up to around 70°C and still be operational. However, if I"m going 2400+mhz on my proc, if I don't stay below about 52°C -- things get shaky.