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AT7-MAX1 and four sticks of unbuffered 512mb PC2700

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Mar 20, 2001
Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma
The short version: Will the AT7-MAX1 support four sticks/eight banks of 512mb unbuffered non-ECC PC2700?

The specifics: I've got an AT7-MAX1 v1.2 with the KT333 chipset that I'm running as a Desert Combat server with the following specs:

XP2100+ @ 2301mhz @ 1.8v running C4_3.02 BIOS
2x512mb of Buffalo PC2700 unregistered non-ECC ram running at 174mhz on 1.8vmem
Gainward Geforce3 Ti200
4x80gig 120GXP's running in RAID5 on the onboard controller running v3.02 of the HPT374 drivers

My question is this, will the AT7 accept another 2x512 sticks (for a total of 8 banks) of the same Buffalo PC2700 without sacrificing stability or hurting my overclock? From the ABIT website, the AT7 supports:

- Four 184-pin DIMM sockets support PC1600/PC2100/PC2700 DDR DRAM modules
- Supports DDR333 unbuffered DRAMs up to 2GB and registered DRAMs up to 3GB
- Supports 6 banks up to 3GB DRAMs for unbuffered DDR200/266 modules
- Supports 8 banks up to 3.5GB DRAMs for registered DDR200/266 modules

I really can't tell if that means if it will support 8 banks of 2GB of unbuffered RAM, or if I can only get 2GB if I only use <8 banks.
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Apr 21, 2003

It means the board supports a maximum of 2GB of Unbuffered Memory, therefore you will be fine with (4) 512MB PC2700 Buffalo units. You'd have to goto registered units to get the 3.5GB of total memory. As for your overclock, I personally don't know. It might be a little harder on the board to power all 4 chips at 1.8 volts, maybe not. But the 2GB of memory will work. Good luck.

- ThePCGuy