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Ata 150

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Serial ATA is rated at that speed & there are some motherboards with it already or you can always purchase a SATA RAID PCI Controller Card to take care of it.
Normal Motherboards will not offer ata150 without serial ata. It is because a limitation of the PCI bus. The PCI bus only runs at 133Mhz giving max of ata133... Serial ATA uses different technology and is capable of higher speeds....

This is how I understand it...
The drives you linked to are Seagate Barracuda V True Serial ATA 8MB Cache & your HP374 does support it with SERILLEL & other people can still use them via Serial Controllers like THIS or THIS. I don't understand what your post is about if you already have the AT7 MAX2.
. The PCI bus only runs at 133Mhz giving max of ata133...

Well, just to clarify. PCI Bus runs at 33Mhz (in no server machines), and has a width of 4 bytes (32 bits, again in regular workstations). This means 33*4=133 Mbps MAX. There exist variations of PCI buses up to 66 Mhz and 8 bytes width, but these are only used by high end servers.