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Athalon Condensation Prevention

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Does anybody know of a good way to prevent condensation between the cold plate and an Athalon CPU? With a P3 it is simple to put some insulation around the core but it is more difficult on a AMD because of the resistors on the chip.
I really could use some help on this! I have a AXIA 1.2 266 TBird that does 1440 with air. I am going to be cirulating -20 water through a block on the cpu. Unless I get any suggestions I am going to cover the cpu with silicon and build it up to just about the same height as the core to prevent any damage due to condensation in the small air gap and possible shorts to the resistors/bridges.

The mobo has conformal coating applied and I have used plenty of insulation. This is the first TBird I am doing this to (always supercooled Intel before) I am just concerned with the small amout of air that will be between the cpu and water block, Intel chips dont have components on the top side of the cpu and are easier to keep the air out.