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Athlon 1.4 Tbird heatsinks...PLEASE HELP!!!

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New Member
Jul 20, 2001
hey i am building a 1.4 athlon and im wondering what heatsink i should use..i dont want to spend too much and im not looking at overclocking or intense gaming so i want something simple yet good enought to handle the heat...my friend recommended either the alpha 6035muc or thermaltake volcanoII...if anyone has any rec's please respond back...thanks
It depends on if you are going to overclock it and how much you want to overclock. Expect to spend $40 or more on a good cooler. Some of the really good ones can cost $80. If you think about it, how much did you just spend on the processor and motherboard and how much are you willing to protect that investment?
The Volcano II is the only Thermaltake with a good rating. Swifttech, Global Win and Alpha all make some good ones. Someone posted a link to a review of copper coolers earlier today, you might want to take a look at that.
You know, if I could read I would see that you said you were not going to overclock.
You can get by with one on the $40 range and you do not need one with the Delta 38 fan. For a 1.4 I would say something better than a Global Win FOP32 is in order.
Swiftech MC -370, easy to mount, idiot proof, great performance, low noise

System Specs:
Tbird 1.33 @ 1.5 gig
Swifty MC370 lapped HSF
Abit kt7a,384 mb. PC150
20 gig.ATA 100 7200 RPM HD
Leadtek Geforce Ultra
Mats.DVD/ + 8x8x32 CDRW
Antec SX830 case w/4 fans
Rounded cables
SB LIve, and D-link Nic
Linksys Router-DSL
I would still splurge for a good cooler. The 6035 and Volcano2 aren't really going to cut it on a 1.4 athlon. The Swiftech MC370 would certainly do a pretty good job although I would think opting for a Millenium Glaciator would be a sound investment. It $40, but you are spending a lot of money and this cooler will keep the CPU very cool and thus very stable. And if you do decide to overclock, you will save yourself from buying another cooler.
thanks for all the help guys...i'll be looking at all of your suggestions.
Well since you dont want to overclock high i would recomend a dragon orb simply because it looks kool and is not loud compared to a galdiator or sk6 due the deltas they run with.
Go to the review section of our site here,I am a firm follower of the SK6.On any amd over 1.2 overclocked or not.

I run a 1.2 at 1.43 and max temp is 45c