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Athlon 1.4ghz and GlobalWin FOP32-1

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May 1, 2001
Hi, i have just bought an Athlon 1.4ghz and a GlobalWin FOP32-1 Fan & Heatsink. However i have just read on AMDs site that they "recomend" that you only use it for CPUs upto 1.33 ghz. Should i go out and buy a new fan such as the FOP38 or stick with this one. Do you think it will make any difference?

http://www1.amd.com/products/athlon/thermals - is the AMD recomended fans page.

P.S. I am not planning on overclocking at this time.
If you're going to spend the money on a FOP-38, or plan on any type of overclocking, get one of the newer heatsinks. The Glaciator or the SK-6. The FOP's just don't cut it on AMD CPU's.
Spending the cash on a nice processor like that you might as well spend the cash for a good cooler. I'd try the Glaciator.
ok. i will look up those fans as well. i was alos considering the GlobalWin WBK38. what do you think of that one?
If your dead set on a Globalwin I would recomend a CAK38 copper . IMHO the SK6 or the Glaciator would be the best choice for a 1.4 even if you don't
plan on overclocking it and should you decide to push it a little at a later date your set if you go with the Glaciator or SK6. Also I would recomend Arctic Silver II thermal paste instead the supplied TIM pads.
The FOP 38 is the same heat sink as the FOP32 just with the delta fan on it. I'd buy a new HSF, the global win coolers don't seem to perform very well in test, compared to others. Check out the comparative tests @ www.overclockers.co.uk.